PlayStation Plus December 2020: Worms Rumble, Rocket Arena, more


PlayStation Plus December 2020 free titles have been revealed by Sony, and includes three titles on PS4 and PS5 alongside a special bonus game on PS5: Bugsnax.

Those with a PlayStation Plus subscription will able to download the following games throughout December 2020:

Worms Rumble will be available from 1 December, a great save for those who were planning to purchase it anyway. Bugsnax will be available as a free download for subscribers till 4 January 2021, meaning you've got time to secure a PS5.

There's still time to grab a couple of November 2020’s PlayStation Plus free titles if you're quick. Those on PS5 can also take advantage of the PlayStation Plus Collection.

What do you make of December's free titles in comparison to Xbox free titles?
Like, nothing at all. For me at least, but hopefully someone will enjoy the free games.
Not great but a lot better than the Xbox lineup. I will be trying Worms but don't think I will keep it.
I mean, I'm paying for Plus so personally, I don't consider it as being "free"

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