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May 13, 2021
Resident Evil Village – 25 years is a very long time in the rapidly evolving game industry. It is enough to “take down” any monument games brand, especially with the horror game series. What is very limited in the way of expression is easy to again and again. Fall into the rut of the structure to the plot also go to a dead-end, difficult to continue to attract gamers.

It can be mentioned that the once-popular horror game series Silent Hills was canceled by Konami without a date to meet again after Hideo Kojima left this company to set up his own studio. Or the Fatal Frame game series has not shown any signs of “coming on” Nintendo Switch platform. After the relative failure of the fifth version of the series on Wii U.

Compared with a “long-term” horror game series like Resident Evil. With seven official versions and a series of different games and movies. It can be seen that Capcom has been extremely successful in changing the game to catch up with gamers’ tastes in both graphics quality, gameplay, as well as building completely new storylines.

The return of a monument

After a long time “bewitched” with remakes of the first parts of the series based on the brand new RE Engine like Resident Evil 2 Remake. And then the third version, Resident Evil 3 Remake. Capcom continues to return to the main storyline when releasing the eighth version of the game series, called: Resident Evil Village. And continuing the journey of the unfortunate engineer Ethan Winters after he finds his wife and escapes from the Baker farm in Resident Evil 7.

In this launch, the game quickly achieved sales of 3 million copies after only four days of release. A new record in all versions of the series as well as achieving towering review scores from the fans and the leading game review site nowadays. Despite the fact that Capcom was involved in the “plagiarism” scandal of character design for this game.

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