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Jun 15, 2019
Maybe that's because of how money hungry they are. But if they remake RE5, what crap is actually gonna be different? Hopefully Sheva's AI will be better, but Wesker is probably still gonna die in the volcano regardless. I cannot see that being retconned. So why does a modern audience need to see all of this again, when RE5 isn't even that old? It was released in 2009. How modernised can you make an already modern title?

It's funny how Capcom believes CV is a spin off, when it's the real sequel to RE2 and has more importance than RE4. But you know? CV is just hated upon because it's a game with genuine survival horror elements, so some gamers claim it's boring, etc, because of that. Why? Because it isn't a game like RE4 where the goal is to virtually obliterate every hick you run into.

Then again, they had a producer claiming that both the original games and the remakes are canonical, when... um... NOPE. Remakes are just in fact remakes, and are in their own continuity. The guy left Capcom not long afterwards, so that's saying something.

The only canon remake is the 2002 remake, because it was Shinji Mikami's idea to improve upon the original 1996 game, which had hardware limitations at the time of its release. And the antagonist Lisa Trevor has since been referenced in other games. So I mean, yeah. The RE1 remake is certainly canon.

It's why I just decided to say, meh. I don't really care anymore. They're just going to keep milking the same old shit every year or so, but people apparently demand that. And what's sad is that some gamers are probably gonna believe that the remakes count now, and that the classic games are just for old gamers who don't feel relevant today.

And for the last time, Capcom...

For the love of God, people. Stop revisiting Raccoon City a billion times. It's a damn crater now anyway. But I digress. You know they're never gonna quit returning to 1998 to do these quasi-retellings.

Regards, from Broken Shotgun (AKA thesaunderschild).

Typos are so [resident] evil...

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