Discussion Capcom has a Resident Evil showcase coming this month!

Broken Shotgun

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Jun 15, 2019
The date hasn't been revealed, but it has to be soon. I recommend you don't view it as they reveal too much. The last bit of DLC involving Rosemary Winters arrives on the 28th.

They've probably been planning to show off more of the remake of RE4, as well, fanboys will love that game. But maybe there could be some other surprise announced. Like maybe that rumoured Nintendo Switch spin off with Rebecca Chambers.
Right. So, Resident Evil 4 remake is looking especially spectacular from that showcase! This will be yet another successful remake for Capcom and they'll be getting my pre-order. Hopefully Capcom doesn't stop there and they remake Resident Evil: Code Veronica and Resident Evil Zero. Here's hoping!
It looks a bit campy as well.

You can use your knife to block a chainsaw.

I heard a rumour about the first remake being remade again, this time in third person. It would be hard to replicate the success of the GameCube masterpiece.
In fact, Capcom seems to be doing just fine with replicating the successes of their games when considering important factors like profit.

I'd be fine with yet another remake of Resident Evil. Bring it on!
I wonder if the RE4 remake will keep the laser corridor scene. It was basically borrowed from the first movie by Paul Anderson.

If the lasers hit anyone, this meant they were shredded like sushi.
Okay. Based on the teaser, Capcom seems to be following the original quite well with only minor deviations. It is reasonable to assume they will pay homage to your beloved film again.
Well, I'm not daft on the Hollywood movies. I liked the first three. They were entertaining enough. I also enjoyed the animated movies, which unlike the live action films, are loosely linked to the events of the games.

If they had sense at Capcom HQ, we'd get a Code: Veronica remake. It's still a mainline entry, despite not being numbered past the random inclusion of the X in the ports. But I mean, RE4 will make a lot of dough next year, for sure. CV probably won't. It's a game that was never as successful. But it still makes little sense as to why they're skipping it completely, if only for now.

I'm not so sure 0 and the first remake need updated. They are fine the way they are.
Anyway, it's nice to see The Merchant in the RE4 remake. The developer's attention to even the most minor details is much appreciated.

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