Resident Evil Infinite Darkness CG series announced by Netflix


Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is a Netflix CG animated series coming in 2021, starring protagonists Leon S Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

A debut of a short teaser at Tokyo Game Show, shows off both Kennedy and Redfield in action, with Leon rescuing an unknown male character while Claire takes point in an investigation in a dark, spooky setting.

The CG series is set to air in 2021 as an entirely new project to Netflix's confirmed live-action Resident Evil series, featuring (groan) “the Wesker kids”.

Capcom’s Hiroyuki Kobayashi will produce the series alongside TMS Entertainment. Quebico, with Resident Evil Vendetta‘s Kei Miyamoto at the helm, will produce the animation.

We’ll keep you posted on Resident Evil Infinite Darkness as we learn more.


Tommy Walls

Jun 15, 2019
While I like the look of it, I hope this is more recent in the timeline. Initial rumours suggested it was set before RE6. 🧟