PS5 "Queued for Download" bug, rest mode issues detailed


PS5 has been facing a number of bugs reported by users since launch which includes a "Queued for Download" bug that sometimes requires a full factory reset to correct.

PS5 "Queued for Download" bug​

The "Queued for Download" bug occurs when trying to download a title that you own. You’ll see that a game is “Queued for Download”, though the title is never listed within the PS5’s download queue.

The only fix that will allow you to download the content will require you to do a full factory reset on your console. You'll be able to move PS4 games to a USB 3.0-powered external hard drive before the factory reset, but you'll have to download any PS5 games again.


Front USB port doesn’t charge in rest mode​

There's been a number of reports from users on Reddit that have discovered the PS5’s front USB port will not charge the DualSense controller when in rest mode.

The fix for this is simple, just use the PS5’s rear USB ports.

Rest mode can cause system instability​

Other users are also reporting that the PS5’s rest mode causes system instabilities with frequent crashes.

Twitter user Tefty wrote:
Quick note on the PS5. Apparently sleep mode makes the system unreliable and rando crash. Had Godfall crash the system 3 times within in the span of an hour. The fix, give a fresh restart from the main menu and then don’t let it go into sleep mode until it’s patched.

Aside from the fix above, users will have to turn their PS5 completely off if they don’t want to use rest mode, an option found within the power menu. You can also head to Settings > System > Power Saving > Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode and select Don’t Put in Rest Mode so that your console doesn't time out due to inactivity.

PS5 is available now.


Feb 1, 2019
Basically, the most important thing is to stay away from rest mode until Sony announces that they have fixed it