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Dec 12, 2018
Moving Out FAQ

Metacritic: 77 / Opencritic: 77

TSA: 9/10

Moving Out performs a seemingly impossible balancing act. It's both a challenging couch co-op physics puzzler, and yet it's completely accessible to everyone sat on that couch, regardless of their video game experience. Moving Out is fun, it's frivolous, it's joyful and it will have you laughing from beginning to end. Who could ask for more?
PSU: 9/10
Moving Out's accomplished blend of pick-up-and-play mechanics mixed with the sincerity in which it delivers its humour and aesthetic make it some of the best local multiplayer fun you’ll have this year.
Press Start Australia: 8.5/10
Moving Out is one of the best games that the couch co-op party game genre has seen and I implore you to play it, especially during the current times that we're going through. There was a moment where my girlfriend and I were quickly hurrying to carry our last few pieces of furniture to the truck, but kept running into obstacles (a level full of rakes), and what started as small giggles quickly evolved into uncontrollable laughter. It's these kind of moments that makes games like this a success, and Moving Out delivers greatly in this regard.
IGN: 8/10
Provided you’ve got at least one friend in tow to share the load and the laughs, Moving Out is an absolute blast. It takes a simple set of mechanics and milks madness and mirth from them in equal measures, consistently shaking up the parameters of its heavy-lifting assignments to keep you on your toes while you’re bending at the knees. Moving Out is the best way to get your mates to help you move house without having to owe them a case of beer afterwards.
Gamesradar: 3.5/5
Overall, Moving Out is an exciting and genuinely funny co-op experience, the writing is smart, the game is stylish and some stand out levels are brilliantly designed. If you think the relationships with your co-op partners can handle it, then it’s time to join the Smooth Moves Family.
Push Square: 7/10
While the accessible controls and cute presentation are inviting to all types of players, the action itself can get a little fiddly. It's very easy to get stuck in doorways carrying a bed, for instance, or have objects fall into awkward positions amid the chaos. It's not too big an issue but it does frustrate when you waste precious seconds getting snagged on walls. For moving experts, there are optional objectives and gold times to aim for. Completing the extra tasks rewards you with coins that unlock even trickier challenges in an arcade, extending the life of quite a short game. It doesn't quite hit the same heights as its peers, but it's hard to deny its simple pleasures.
Eurogamer: Recommended
It's impossible to think of Moving Out without thinking of Overcooked - they even share a publisher. For my money, Moving Out isn't quite as good. It doesn't have the unforced quirkiness of Overcooked, it's not the original, and maybe in truth I just have fond memories of working in catering and I've never worked in removals. But Moving Out is still very special. It's special in the way that a difficult level might ultimately be a puzzle, a house that can be solved in effect if you think about the tools and the layout the right way. It's special in the way that dog character you unlock animates in such a breathlessly cheery dog manner. And it's special in a way that goes right back to Bedford Falls and that eternal question about doors and windows.

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