Microsoft Flight Simulator will contain “all the airports in the world”


Microsoft Flight Simulator will contain “all the airports in the world,” developer Asobo Studio has confirmed.

Lead Game Designer, Sven Mestas shared this news as part of the game’s latest developer diary. He later explains, Asobo have manually designed 37,000 of “all the airports in the world” to be added into the game. That's 10,000 more airports than the previous Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Furthermore, Mestas confirmed we’ll be seeing buildings, runways, ambient life, airport staff, service vehicles and more in great detail.

Microsoft Flight Simulator doesn't have a confirmed release date yet but we'll keep you informed.

I think in theory this is good but could be possible it can be used for wrong reasons like you know for security risk as well it seems. But its cool to see simulators are useful for training level sort of the content.
They should say all the major airports, never know when a small one will pop up making this game inaccurate.
I have always been a huge fan of aviation, and when I found out Microsoft is releasing a new version of Flight Simulator, I got all kinds of excited!

The new game is supposed to feature all of the airports in the world - they're working on mapping each one so you can basically fly anywhere in the world and land at an airport nearby! This is also releasing to xBox, so no need to have an amazing graphics computer if you have an xBox!

The official site is here: Home - Microsoft Flight Simulator and they post updates to the game on a normal basis (which is amazing because I have 0 patience). Is anyone else really excited for this game?!
I'm absolutely thrilled for FS 2020. My only issue is that my PC will go full Chernobyl if I even boot up the game. :LOL:
Yes the old towers won't be able to catch up with the 2020's release for sure.
Is Flight Simulator still a thing? When will they finally open it up on Mac too? Would widen their userbase for sure.

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