Looking for a racing game that I played on the PSP 6 years ago


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Nov 9, 2019
Hello, please excuse my english as I am not a native speaker :) I am looking for a racing game which I used to play when I was young on PSP. I dont know the name of the game and much else information. What I do know is that the game is at least 6 years old and you would progress through the game by competing with other Bot racers and some of those Bots were challengers which you would have to beat. They were pretty difficult to beat but if you did beat them you would get their car (or at least have the access to buy it, Im not sure). I also remember that Dodge Viper was a very fast car in that game and what I definetly do know is that there was one challenger (I think a girl) that drove in a Porsche 911, It was pink with black stripes going from the front of the car to the end of it (The colors may have been vise versa, as I have said, I dont remember much :)) And one more thing, I remeber is that there was definetly one race track in San Francisco. It may have been Need for Speed: Shift but what I found about the game on the interner didnt convince me it was it. If you know the game I am talking about please let me know. I will be forever greatful :)
Thank you so much :)

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