Opinion Top 6 Best Racing Games for Android


May 6, 2022

Playing video games is the best option to kill your boring time as they increase the shrewdness of the brain and the interesting fact is that a video game lover can focus and solve perplexing things more efficiently as compared to a non-gamer person. Among normal games, playing racing games is the best activity to do and the best hobby to choose. Now, I gonna share with you the best and top 06 racing games that you can’t ignore.

1. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered:​

This is one of the recent, all-time classic racing video games according to my opinion. It is originally released on Nov 16, 2010, with the remastered version in November 2020. Basically, it is the successor to the Burnout games. Vehicles in this game are incredibly faster. You can go from cleared road to crashed road and that is a large part of the excitement. It is an awesome game and the area you drive through is very well designed and fun.

2. GTA V:​

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) games are basically about driving. GTA 5 even 7 years after its original release is one of the gold standards in open-world design. This game has top-level graphics. The world of developed cities and the countryside around them are the most detailed places ever wandered in video games and these places make the game really impressive and even more, fun to play. There are tons of fun stuff to do while driving in this game that’s why you can spend hundreds of hours playing in this game.

3. CREW 2:​

This game is actually made under the places of the whole USA and according to me, the best thing about this game is the open ground. Driving is very great but the most significant

thing is that besides driving, a player feels more chill because the places are wonderful. The plate can get a chance to explore all the important areas of the USA which include forests, deserts, amusement parks, and you can use a wide diversity of vehicles such as bikes, cars, even ships, and many more besides.

4. Snow Runner:​

Here is a bizarre game that I did not realize as an open-world game. Do you remember the Mudrunner, a crazy game that is all about driving heavily loaded trucks? This game is similar to the mud runner game but it is all about driving trucks or other vehicles in snow-covered or other blocked areas. As you play more, unlock different cars, upgrades, and shortcuts different paths, they navigate differently tricky paths to a little bit easier.

5. My Summer Car:​

It is one of the coolest games ever played because the game starts with hundreds of loose parts of the car and you have to assemble parts of your vehicle and have to maintain yourself. Not only you can play with a single car but also can access multiple cars which are best to do many amazing things such as buying groceries etc. Also, you can do many stupid things under the influence of alcohol.

6. FR Legends:​

Although this FR Legends game takes very small storage space, only 20 MBs but has wonderful graphics and is full of fun. It has many exciting features and you can play it with many different staggering game modes. You can also customize everything on your car including its engine and wide-body kits. Another good thing about this game is that you do not require an internet connection and can play it on your android phone.
GTA 5 and Need For Speed are really good games, however, I have not played other games on this list. I checked FR Legends on Play Store and the game looks cool. By the way, Apex 9 Legends is also a cool racing game.

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