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LEGO (Nintendo Entertainment System) NES screenshots have leaked, coming August 1 for €229.99.

Includes 2.646 pieces. Comes with a TV and a cartridge.
  • Setnummer: 71374
  • Name des Sets: Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Anzahl Teile: 2.646
  • Preis (UVP): 229,99 Euro
  • Release: 1. August 2020
  • Maße Fernseher: 23,9 x 22,6 cm (Breite x Höhe)
  • Maße Controller: 12,6 x 5,1 cm ( Breite x Höhe)
  • Maße NES: 20,8 x 7,5 cm (Breite x Höhe)
Originally leaked by Chinese site: 【LEGO快訊】核彈級產品殺到 LEGO任天堂灰機 即將發售
Also leaked via German site: LEGO 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System: Die Konsole kommt als Set!



Looks like a fun set to build, as a fan of retro games and game collecting, however, also looks quite tedious as someone won isn't in to Lego building all that much.


It does look really good although pretty expensive. It will be a good set for fans of the retro console and collectors I guess. As someone who loves Lego, the large amount of blocks is a great thing :D


Looks pretty awesome. I am sure they must have thought about a lot of arcade devices and made this at the end. I kind of like it. something worth creating and adding this with it. LEGO NES definitely has that retro punch in it.

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