News Bohemia's Arma Reforge screenshots leaked


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Jun 20, 2020

First screenshots from Bohemia Interactive's new game titled Arma Reforge have surfaced online via known leaker Biostiel. The game is reportedly multiplayer-only and it's coming to Xbox and PC.

Thanks to a known Bohemia interactive employee and leaker Biostiel , we have first images of the developer's brand new AAA project, which is coming sometime this year. According to the leaked screenshots, the new game is named Arma Reforge.

Images Above Shared on a Twitter page of known Bohemia interactive employee and leaker @biostiel the images seem to show that Bohemia interactive are working on a new Arma game and some minor clues to what the game could be about. a few hours after the post being created it was taken down by the user.


just to put all the images together with new ones i have

Edit 2:

Some more intel from the leaker suggest a coop game CTI

Another New image has just come out right now looks a lot like squad

The last image suggests BI is going to ditch steam and the game will later be coming to PS5

Edit 2.5:

Modding Will be a feature🥳

Edit 3:

Edit 3.5: Just seen lew lew's (Psisyn) vid some stuff he was unsure on. the photos from the first post are from 2 days ago the second 2 main images are from today being 4th of Jan additional in the post about mods he seemed to not notice that there is an apostrophe after the word paid to suggest the game will be paid but mods are not.

In conclusion, can i presume from some of the posts today that we are looking at some kind of announcement pretty soon from BI and i also presume from the clarification that @biostiel is reading this thread so hi. I will continue to keep this thread up to date as i get more info.


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