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Dec 11, 2018

Reading about this year's BAFTA winners, I was reminded of Kind Words as it won the Game Beyond Entertainment category. I thought it especially relevant in the current circumstances we're in, where so many of us find ourselves spending a lot of time indoors, away from friends and family, anxious about uncertainty and without many avenues to express intrusive thoughts. So I wanted to throw this game out there, once more, for your consideration.

Kind Words is a game in which you write anonymous letters that can be about anything -- sharing positivity, something that's bothering you, any thoughts you'd like to send out into the community -- and other players can choose to respond to whatever you wrote. As the title implies, it's a game about being kind to one another, empathizing and perhaps even imparting some insight through your own experiences to someone who wrote a message.

Even if you don't feel like putting your own thoughts out there for others to read, you can also just respond to people with kindness or send out general messages of support as paper airplanes that other players can see flying around their little digital room.

It's surprising sometimes how well it works and how genuine people can be. It's super wholesome, and I think one of the reasons is simply because everyone has their own burdens, regardless of how happy, jaded or angry they are, and it's a really good outlet for those kind of things. And it allows you to see that, no, you are definitely not alone in feeling the way you do or being the way you are.

At €3,99 (or your local equivalent), it's also priced very reasonably, and because it's 20% off at the moment, it comes down to a humble €3,19. It can be run on any old toaster, and it's available for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu.

You may have access to it already through the Humble Trove if you sub to Humble Choice! Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) by popcannibal
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