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Is Epic really being so aggressive?

There are a lot of reason I've sworn off the Epic game store. Chief among them is that it kind of makes me mad how aggressive they have been with trying to get launch exclusives on their platform. I get that it's a saturated market, and that Steam is an absolute juggernaut, I get you have to play hard and fast if you want to break in and be anything than a small fish.

But their tactics have left a bad taste in my mouth. I can't count the amount of times I've seen a game, got excited for it, went to look it up and found it its an Epic exclusive (I'm guessing for a period of time). And I can tell you its hurt a few games with me too. Like say Hades. If I could have picked it up on Steam I probably would have. But I couldn't. And now that I can, I've got a giant backlog already and I'm just not as excited for it as I was.

And, with the amount of freebies Epic does, I'd for sure think about going over there, but other issues coupled with their aggression in acquiring exclusives has made me swear them off. If they were competing mostly on offering a superior service or a superior price, I think I could be convinced to give them a try. Uplay offers neither, but I'm more than happy to buy games there, especially when there is a sale. Or at least, I have no aversion to buying form Uplay. But they are not so aggressive with the exclusives, when arguably they have every reason to be. No, they put their games out on many platforms and just also happen to sell them themselves.

And now I come to the actual point. What if I'm wrong? What if a lot of these are not so much on Epic, but on the developers themselves? Perhaps people more studied on it can shed some light, but I've only heard of a few high profile cases, and they were at the beginning, of Epic paying for exclusivity. But as I understand it, a game's sales are almost all made in the first few weeks after launch, and then they get a tiny trickle after that. Also as I understand it Steam takes 30% of all sales right off the top, and Epic takes significantly less. So it has me thinking, what if these times exclusives are not so much Epic's doing, but he developers? What if the developers are purposefully only releasing on Epic for the first year to get as much from that short window of a few weeks for their initial sales?

IF that is the case, can I really blame them, the developers? No, not really. And, if that is the case, can I really blame Epic? Clearly not. But, I don't know if that is the case or not, and even if it is the case, does it actually change anything? I don't really think so, but I'm not sure. There are other reasons why I don't want to use Epic store, the aggression was just the main one, the one that caused me to recoil the most.

Just some things to think about, mostly because I can't sleep even though I have a job interview in the morning, that coupled with other things in my life have me awake and thinking about things to distract myself.
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I get where you're coming from, but someone isn't going to beat Steam by playing nice and or fair. However much you dislike it, Epic is on the side of the developers and making sure they get more money which is how they keep going and make more games. Once Steam meets Epic on this, I'm sure games will launch on both platforms around the same time.


I'm sure Epic pay publishers for exclusive rights, there is no advantage to giving your games exclusively to a smaller user base. The biggest problem I have with Epic is the interface, it is slow, sometimes takes a long time to start and is not as feature rich as Steam's. Sure, I'll take the free games but so far I've not spent a penny with them.


I think this is a free market, anyone can play all the tactics in their hands and seee if they can get the most out of the downlaods and the sales. I think epic is doing the same. but unless the people have multiple choice and the options of many games, they are going to stay, even steam is not end all solution, we do look for alternative.
To be clear, I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed to do this. Just that it's one of my issues with them and one of the reason I refuse to use their store.

Some other reasons are they get political. Removing cop cars from games, "wasn't meant as a statement" my ass. Trying to forces political nonsense with that in game BLM crap with Van Jones and company?

The most political I see Steam get is having a sale on "queer" themed games in June. But that's about it, they don't shove a rainbow banner in my face, they don't display messages about it all over the store. The have a sale on specific games to recognize the month. I've not seen a single "black box". That's fine to me.


Let's accept the fact that we allowed SJWs in gaming and hollywood or entertainment industry in general. Now that SJW attitude is rewriting the new generation so much so that bunch of game streamers with followers are dictating how society should behave. So BLM manipulation was meant to happen. All those Horizon zero down type of narrative was meant to happen. We allowed it to go overboard and now it is out of control regardless of if it is EPIC, Ubisoft, or any other company affected with SJWs.


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Like Nova, I see it as something that's already happening right now. To be fair, the whole "woke" attitude has really taken off among gaming and entertainment. As mentioned beforehand, removing cop cars from games didn't serve any purpose, and I completely agree that it was a pointless and politically-motivated endeavour.

However... it's too late to change it now, and every gaming company has been overrun by the whole "woke" and social justice culture. Epic isn't being aggressive, they're just following the lead of everyone else.
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