Horizon Forbidden West is being review bombed on Metacritic for the DUMBEST reason...


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Nov 27, 2019
This DLC has been out now for a couple of days and whilst it has been received well by critics, it is getting review bombed on Metacritic by a large number of users. And no, it's not because the DLC is PS5 only, even though that is both a common and legitimate complaint. I'm mad about that to, but that's done deal and have made my moans about it. To reveal the real reason would mean to reveal a spoiler, so I'm putting the rest on this reply behind a spoiler tag. So, you have been warned.

It's because Aloy acquires a female love interest. Full story from Push Square. Here's a link to the Metacritic Page for Burning Shores if you want to check it out.


Yes, Aloy now has a possible and entirely optional female love interest for the game, and as we've sadly come to expect, here comes the bigots. Why is it in 2023 gamers keep doing this? This is frustrating because we know most gamers aren't like this. Most of us, even amongst those of us that are cisgender male aren't bothered by this sort of thing because we're secure in who we are and can't see inclusion as a threat. Let's go through the inevitable excuses that will come to justly this because we these man-babies have no imagination:

  1. It's pandering to a gay agenda! There is no social/political agenda, gay people want nothing but to live thier lives in a way that doesn't hurt you. Inclusion is nothing more than a reflection of reality, a realty that most of us aren't threatened by. If you are threatened by that reality that wishes you no harm, then that's on you.
  2. They're trying to indoctrinate people into being gay! There is no indoctrination. How the f**k would that even work through a video game? Just because these man-babies are stupid, impressionable and prone to manipulation doesn't make the rest of us as easily sculpted. Not to mention that, like I said, this romance is entirely optional!
  3. There're stifling creative freedom in exchange for pandering! Regardless of why LGBTQ+ themes in games, movies, TV shows or whatever are included, that IS thier creators creative freedom. I don't see a game developer's choice to have thier game star Stg-Jack-Awesome-Straight-White-Man-Penis as any less of a free creative choice than choosing to have a game star a character on the spectrum. Aloy didn't need to gay (and if fact, doesn't, like I said the lesbian romance is entirely optional), that's true and that is kind of the point I'm bringing, it's barley even a factor. It's still the same character. The gameplay and story quality of the DLC is not affected by this, so only an obsessive hatred of LGBTQ+ people would bring this kind stuff out of people over something this trivial. The only reason you would get upset over this is if you are a bigot, simple as that and it's pathetic.
  4. Aloy was never gay! This next point is just my opinion, but I feel Aloy did show signs of being gay as far back as the very first game. She never took kindly to attention from males, even the good guys like Avad and Errand, and just got along much better with woman. And then there was Petra, she and Aloy basically flited outrageously to almost rom-com level of entertainment. I remember having a discussion with somebody on discord a couple of years back contemplating the possibility that Aloy was gay before the second game came out (No pun intended) based on the way she interacted with people. It sort of ended with a agreement that it was possible, but more importantly an "unexplored" area of her character. It could just as easily lead to her being straight, but ultimately it's a non factor. When the second game came out, the case for Aloy being gay, if anything, strengthened. It was revealed Elisabet Sobeck was in a relationship with a woman, and Aloy is of course genetically identical to her (Another reason one can't be "indoctrinated" into being gay, it's something you're born with).

Whatever though, it doesn't matter, I'm not trying to convince anyone whether Aloy is or isn't gay, just pointing out that it always on the cards. And if you don't believe she is or just don't want to believe she is, than that's fine. However, I feel compelled to help you steer a course away from the path anger on this issue. All you just have to do is follow my two step program;

Step 1: Choose one of the options on the right.


Step 2: Grow up.

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An update.

I posted about this on another thread already, but I'll share it here as well. Apparently merely singing on this game's soundtrack makes you fair game for harassment. Julie Elven, a professional vocalist, received abuse from gamers over the optional same sex romance just because her voice is on the soundtrack. Full story from Push Square.

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