How to connect Xbox One controller to Android (Samsung Galaxy Note 10)


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Jan 17, 2022
Does anyone know how to make Ocean Shadow wireless controller work on a Samsung note 10. I can get Bluetooth to connect. I can only jump when I am trying to play Call of Duty mobile. I have tried everything, I can think of. I can't find a video to help me on YouTube. I am going to get rid of this controller today if I can't figure this out... I am at my wits end with it.

I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your controller connecting to your phone. Have you tried following the steps in this video:
I was using my roommates Xbox wireless controller and it worked perfectly. So I bought this new controller because it looked cool off Facebook market place. It's a special edition Ocean Shadow wireless controller. My roommate updated it on the Xbox and did all the initial steps to make sure it's good to go. It works on his Xbox. It just doesn't work completely with my phone for whatever reason. Before I ever used controllers I used the controller on the phone itself. I customized my control's so I could run and shoot and everything. I spent all day yesterday looking for help. Everything from YouTube to all kinds of pages and I can't figure it out. I mean it's crazy it's the only controller I have ever come across that only has unboxing videos on YouTube. It's a Windows 10, Xbox wireless controller, it works with computers and tablets with windows 10 and of course the Xbox. My phone however should work, It's a Samsung galaxy note 10.
I found this on this website:

How to pair an Xbox One controller with your Android phone​

For starters, you'll want to ensure the Xbox One controller you have uses Bluetooth. As a rule of thumb, newer versions of the Xbox One S and Xbox One X come with Bluetooth by default. If you're buying a new controller, Amazon has them for $50. Assuming your phone works just fine with the Xbox One controller, the pairing process is painless. Here's how to get connected:

  1. On your Android phone, swipe down from the top to pull down the Notification Shade.
  2. Long press the Bluetooth icon.
  3. Make sure your Bluetooth is toggled On.
  4. If your phone doesn't automatically start scanning for devices, select Scan at the top right of the screen.
  5. Turn on the Xbox One controller by holding the Xbox button.
  6. Look for the sync button on the top left of the Xbox controller. Hold it for a few seconds until the Xbox button begins blinking.
  7. On your Android phone, tap Pair new device.
  8. After some time, you should see the Xbox One controller appear in the list of nearby devices. Tap it to pair.
  9. If all goes well, your phone should show a connection to your Xbox One controller, and the Xbox button will stop blinking.
For some phones, you'll see evidence of the controller working right away, with the directional pad and buttons being used to navigate the system UI. Then, fire up your favorite game with Bluetooth controller support to test it further and get familiar with how it all works.

I've tried several games with an Xbox One controller, including Modern Combat 5, Riptide GP, and BombSquad. Not only did the games work with the controller flawlessly, they even show proper on-screen control prompts appropriate for the Xbox One controller. And for emulators, you should have no problem mapping the buttons however you prefer.

Hope this helps!

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