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News Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Fold 2, Watch 2 and more to release in August

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 was tipped to arrive in either July or August for a while. Although plenty of Samsung's contemporaries, such as Apple, have postponed launches, streams and other events due to coronavirus-related supply chain issues, the virus has never seemed to be a problem for the Korean smartphone manufacturer.

All sources have said Samsung will launch the Note 20, and perhaps also the Galaxy Fold 2, as planned this summer.

With all that said what is everyone's thoughts of samsung new devices coming out? I can't wait as I've been samsung fan for a few years now.
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It's great that new Samsung devices are being released. I truly think that, with each year, Samsung is creating better technology that is truly cutting-edge.


Just got the Galaxy S20 so I'm not interested in getting it but I will be curious to see what new things they bring for the Note 20. Won't be getting the watch either. Prefer a traditional one personally.

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