Have you ever used cryptocurrency?

Lord Saru

Cryptocurrency, as you know, is a block chain mediated decentralized peer reviewed currency system. Post 2018, most of the governments have outlawed the cryptocurrency owing to the fact that they deem it a threat to their financial integrity.

Back from where I come from, the government wants it banned but the judiciary is taking a different stance and I dont know anyone that uses cryptocurrency.

Do you all use it? Are you familiar with these terms like mining, mixing and all those? How does it exactly work?


You are late dude..world has already moved on. JK
Btw yeah there are many cryptocurrencies which you can try but I would suggest if you going for mining then try some new ones or research a bit on multiple exchanges before getting in to this.


I can't say I am an expert, but I like to invest in cryptocurrency from time to time... I usually follow the prices, and if I see that it's really convenient price, I would buy.
Last time I bought currency was a cheap price, but at the moment I could not pay by myself, so I used the service on https://theguaranteedloans.com/weekend-payday-loans/and bought it. I rarely do it, but when you need something for real, you do anything to get it! :)
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