Have you ever owned a racing wheel/pedal controller?

Martin Berisford

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Mar 29, 2019
Have you ever wanted to feel like you're truly in control when playing racing games? Have you ever gone so serious so as to purchase a wheel and pedal controller set to make it that much more realistic? I've got one myself (The Logitech G29) and it makes a heck of a difference to the way I play and the enjoyment I actually get from playing racing games. Just makes it that much more better - I'd really recommend!

What about you? Do you have a racing wheel/pedal controller set for use when playing games?
Never owned it. I know some people who did. And they tend to played with it like for a year and so and ditched it. I have no idea why people buy it.
No. However, I am looking to get a racing wheel when a truck driving simulator comes to console which shouldn't be far away. I'm thinking of getting the Logitech G29
Back in the time, when I was playing a lot of Euro Truck Simulator 2, I was thinking of purchasing a nice wheel to play the game with. But I quickly gave up on the idea after I checked the prices. Well, not long after that I also stopped to play Euro Truck actively and there wasn't much sense into purchasing that wheel as I don't spend more than 1 hour per week in the game nowadays.

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