Have you ever purchased a deluxe edition of a video game?


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Mar 23, 2019
Some developers offer a deluxe edition to their video games which most of the time includes selected DLC, unique or special items, or make it easier to progress through the game. Have you ever purchased a deluxe edition of a video game and if so, what was it and how much extra did you pay compared to the regular version?

Honestly, I have did it a few times only because the games were super cheap and I think that it was worth the extra $2 dollars I paid for them. But I don't see myself buying any more deluxe editions with the prices nowadays unless it's about a game which has a special place in my heart.
No, never have. Never will. The price of video games are on the rise and they are expensive enough as it is without even thinking about micro transactions or buying a deluxe addition of the amusement.
I think final fantasy and few other similar games had the deluxe and the standard editions which I enjoyed in the past. They added few merchandise for the box back of those editions. In that time I used to love getting my hands on them. But these days I don't try to waste that much money any more.

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