Have you ever been burnt out from playing games too much?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
A simple question this one, have you ever played games too much in a single session to the point you've just had a bit of burn out? I'm not talking gaming addiction or anything but just that time after a good long sesh where you think, "nope, no more!" and leave the game for awhile. For me, this is how I tend to play games really. I tend to sit on one game until I've completed all I want to do on it and then I won't play that game again for like another year or something. FIFA is my big example, when I play it, I tend to to just play it for a couple weeks on end then all of a sudden, my mind goes nope. About six months later, just before the new one pops out, I'm back on taking Coventry City back to the premiership. (Rightful place obv.)

What about you? Do you ever suffer from a bit of game burn-out?
I have had my share of the issues with the burn out. And yes I had those days when the headache and the mental issues may affected my social sharing. I think burn out can be pretty bad for the mind and also it's better to avoid spending some time like that. I am going to be careful with spending more time into gaming.
I don't get to play long so I rarely feel burnt out, but after awhile I do feel like putting the controller down.

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