Have you ever paid for beta access in games?


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Mar 27, 2019
When I was little and used to buy gaming magazines, I used to think how cool it would be to grow up and get paid for testing videogames. I never imagined how the tables were going to turn where you now pay to be able to play a game before it is finished.

Have you guys ever paid for a Beta?

Do you like game developers allows you to play beta?

Have you tried free beta version of the games?
I've never paid for a beta, but I have tried free beta versions of a lot of games. (I've never heard of a paid beta either, but it can't be impossible.)

I love that we can play betas, as they give us a preview of what the full game will look like.
I have played games when they are in beta and remember getting free access to some of them. It's a great opportunity to report bugs and get them fixed before the launch to avoid any game breaking issues.

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