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Do you swear while playing games?


Sometime or most of the time you will get someone in your team which is really a toxic player - trolling, griefing, not playing or something else. The change of getting a cheater in the enemy team is also a high one. Do you get mad and start to swear? If so, do you do it in the video game or just in your room where no one can hear what you are saying?

I do quite frequently because those people really drive me crazy! I can't understand why they waste their time and other people's time with their trolling. Don't they have better things to do with their lives? Anyway, I don't swear in-game as it could result in a ban from the game.


I used to swear a lot back then. And after getting the job and learning how to speak in the office and among the co workers. I have learned to avoid swearing outside. At home at the most the swearing is possible. And it can be pretty fun to do it every now and then from what I have seen, unless your family objects it is not that bad.

Martin Berisford

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I'm not a trolly person or anything like that and certainly wouldn't consider myself to be 'toxic' but when I'm playing I do generally swear quite a lot just in general conversation. It's just how me and my friends talk to eachother. If me and my friend do get toxic fools on our team though we will become quite agitated and insulting towards them lol. We just give as good as we get really.


I think getting into the panic mode often makes us swear. Which is kind of expected from the normal people. And we have to just watch where we swear. Alone while playing game it can be good enough.


There's nothing wrong with swearing in a game. I mean be a man guys. If you are playing a game that you honestly are having a hard time then who cares if you swear. In the Christian sense you really shouldn't ever swear but a video game is the one place where no one should care whether you swear because the majority of the time the game is worth swearing at. But I know what your saying about trolls I don't like that either. A lot of Call of Duty games I hear these guys who can't stop acting like idiots always getting mad over the game. It makes me mad too sometimes but not enough to go all out crazy and talk crap to other players

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