Destiny 2 Beyond Light will shrink install size but requires re-download


Destiny 2 Beyond Light will shrink the game’s install size but will require the entire game be re-downloaded in November.

Developer Bungie recently confirmed that Beyond Light‘s install size will be reduced by 30-40% (that's between 59-71GB) depending on the platform, as a result of a “combination of culling unused or replaced content,” optimisations and the removal of some content to the Destiny Content Vault.

Players will need to re-download and install the game when Beyond Light launches, but Bungie has assured players that the install will be available for pre-download on November 9, giving players a full day ahead of the expansion’s November 10 launch.

Furthermore, Bungie also said it has “upgraded to a significantly more capable system […] which we hope to leverage for more player customization options in the future.”

You can check out the trailer for Destiny 2 Beyond Light below which shows off Europa in all its snowy glory.

Destiny 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and Windows PC. It’s now available to download via the Xbox Game Pass subscription program on Xbox One. Beyond Light heads to all available platforms alongside PS5 and Xbox Series X from November 10.

I haven't bought any destiny DLC in quite some time but I really should look into it. So much has came out since I did buy some. I did however buy the first 2 DLCs. I stopped playing Destiny 2 shortly after playing around an 8th of the way through.

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