Cross-save support for Destiny 2 coming on August 21


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Aug 1, 2019
From August 21st, you will be able to move your account freely between different platforms ahead of the Shadowkeep expansion that is release on October 1st. This will give everyone time to be able to link their accounts and sort their friends lists out before the expansion is released. Unfortunately cross-play will not be a thing when the Shadowkeep expansion is released so you will not be able to play with someone on PC if you are on Xbox and the same with PS4. There is no word as of yet when cross-play will be a thing for Destiny 2.

Will you be using the cross-save feature when it is released?

I will be making use of use once it is released which is pretty cool. Apart from the fact that I won't be able to play games with friends on different platforms, I still see this as a good feature that will fix a whole lot of things.

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