25 Best Tips for Destiny 2 Beginners


Are you looking for Destiny 2 tips to help you go through the campaigns faster? Then you've arrived to the correct location.

After parting relations with Activision, Destiny 2 made a tremendous return. The game has gotten a free-to-play version, several wonderful expansions, additional sub-classes, exotics, and much more since its release on Steam.

Getting into all of this stuff might be intimidating for a new player. When I first started playing Destiny 2, I felt the same way.

Thankfully, I wasn't unfamiliar with looter-shooters, so I was able to pick up the game fast.

This is a collection of tips that I had to learn the hard way. The focus of the tutorial is on surviving the main campaigns and expansions on your own. These are all PVE-focused tips because I'm a PVE-only player.

Let's get started.

1. Begin With New Light​

I used to advise people to buy all of Destiny 2's expansions at the outset, but with so many expansions and editions available right now, this can be prohibitively pricey.

So, if you're new to the game, I suggest you start with the New Light free-to-play edition. It's enough to get a feel for the game and determine whether it's your style of play.

After that, you may purchase the Beyond Light expansion. If you like that expansion, you can get the Witch Queen expansion as well. It features some of the greatest stuff in the game right now, and it won't leave you feeling behind the times.

Of course, if you can afford it, you may purchase further expansions at any moment.

2. Pick Titan​

The most important decision I had to make before beginning the game was which class to play. I'm sure it's a difficult decision for the majority of the other players as well.

Despite his thicc appearance, Titan possesses stronger stats. Hunter and Warlock, on the other hand, appear to be incredibly badass. As a result, the majority of gamers go for Hunter.

I made the decision to go with Titan, and I'm pleased I did. Titan possesses the most impressive talents. One of these allows you to hold a hammer like to Thor's and toss it at adversaries. Another transforms you into the superhero Captain America.

Choose Titan for your first playing. It's a lot of fun, and it'll help you get through the campaign tasks. Later in the game, you can create new characters, but you'll have to replay the main missions.

3. Build Weapons​

If you have the Witch Queen expansion, you may now use the forge to create weapons with unique stats.

A Glaive is one of the first weapons you get to make, and it's pretty strong and enjoyable to play with. It gives you the feeling of being a samurai.

It is not required to play the game, but I wanted to make you aware of this great feature.

4. Finish The Campaign​

Destiny 2 provides you the option to skip the major campaign tasks and go right to the endgame when you create a new character. This should not be done on your first playtime. At least once, complete the campaign and all missions.

In my opinion, the campaign is the finest portion of the game. You will not be sorry.

5. Discover Sub-Classes​

Each class has its own set of unique powers. You'll only have one ability when you initially start the game. Sub-classes are the names for these talents.

As you go through the game, you'll find new subclasses. After that, you can master all abilities and select the one that best suits your play style.

6. Various Weapons for Various Enemies​

In the game, there are four different sorts of Destiny 2 weapons that do more damage to different categories of foes. To take down adversaries more successfully, maintain one of each damage kind in your arsenal.

  • Arc Damage: Arc damage is dealt. It's best to use against adversaries that have blue shields.
  • Void Damage: This spell inflicts void damage. It's best to use against foes that have purple shields.
  • Sun Harm: This item is capable of causing solar damage. For foes with orange shields, this is the best option.
  • Kinetic Harm: This is the most common sort of physical damage. For adversaries who don't have shields, this is the best option.

7. Join Destiny 2 Communities​

Destiny 2 has a vast and committed community all across the world. Joining a Destiny 2 Discord channel is a fantastic way to interact with other players and seek assistance if you get lost.

Discord may also be used to identify other players with whom to collaborate on assignments such as Strikes and Public Events.

8. Join A Clan That Is Beginner-Friendly​

Clans play an important role in Destiny 2. There are several advantages to joining a clan. However, you should not join a clan until you have reached level 30. There are Destiny clans that are both serious and amicable. Look for a place that welcomes newcomers.

To find a clan, go to the Destiny 2 Discord channel or the Destiny 2 Reddit. If you're looking to create a clan of your own, then use this awesome clan name generator.

9. Select Your Armor Carefully​

There are multiple distinct forms of armour in Destiny 2, each with its own set of characteristics. Don't worry about the numbers if you're just starting out in the game. Simply put on any armour that will help you increase your power level.

You'll come across more complex armour components with varying stats as you level up. Select the ones that will benefit your playing style.

Choose a Resilience build if you're playing a tanky character. Choose armour with greater Mobility ratings if you wish to move around swiftly. If you constantly dying in the game, you can employ a Recovery construct.

10. The Best Ways To Improve Your Gear​

In Destiny 2, getting better loot is a game in and of itself. It is not enough to simply complete the major campaign tasks to improve your equip; you must also engage in additional activities.

  • Carry out daily and weekly missions and/or bounties.
  • Vanguards can help you improve your reputation.
  • Participate in public activities.
  • Complete Strikes

These activities will help you rank up and gain better equip so you can finish the campaign's more tougher tasks. However, after you approach the endgame, you might be concerned about this.

11. Participate in Daily Bounties​

Daily bounties are obtained from Vanguards or individuals on each planet, such as Eris Morn. Completing these tasks will reward you with certain resources and equipment, which you may exchange for engrams with the Vanguards.

This is one of the quickest methods for obtaining the greatest gear.

12. Be Cautious What You Destroy​

The Vault, which is located in the Tower, is a storage system. You may keep your fantastic goods in this folder to save the greatest ones. If you have another character, you may also use the Vault to transfer superior items to them.

Destroy the things that are grey, green, or blue. However, reserve your strong gear for something with superior stats. Later in the game, you may upgrade them to boost their power levels.

13. Before Starting Missions, Check Your Power Levels​

A certain power level is recommended for each campaign task in the game. If a quest requires 1300 power level, for example, you should level up your character to at least 1320 before embarking on it. You could end yourself dying several times if you don't.

14. Public Events Can Help You Level Up Quickly​

The easiest method to level up in the game is to participate in public activities with strangers or friends, at least until you reach the endgame. You'll also get greater loot and equip if you participate in public activities.

15. Your Opponents Have A Weak Spot​

Every adversary has a weak area in the game. Vex, for example, has a bright item in their abdomen that, when hit, causes the adversary to fall quicker. Examine each foe to determine their weak point. Because in Destiny 2, gunning for headshots isn't always the greatest option.

16. You Are Not Required To Look Good​

You'll be surrounded by a bunch of other high-level players with fantastic armour when you start a new game with a group of strangers or arrive on The Tower.

Don't buy microtransactions or start creating an armour set just yet. You're still in the early phases of your career. Concentrate on completing the campaign and reaching the level cap (as of 2022, level soft-cap is at 1500). Then you can consider making a gear set.

17. Immediately Unlock Your Engrams​

One of the biggest errors I made when playing the storey missions was saving the engrams in the hopes of using them later in the game. Turns out engrams only grant you stuff at the same power level as you were when you obtained them.

You'll still get 200 power level things if you score an engram when you're power level 200 and open it when you're power level 300.

As a result, do yourself a favour and unlock those engrams as soon as possible.

18. A Sparrow Is Only Available At Level 20​

You'll see other players riding a fantastic hovercraft-like vehicle early on in the game. You can get one of those too. You'll have to wait till you've reached level 20 to receive it, though.

I'm not sure if this is still the case with New Light gamers.

19. Begin Gathering Resources Right Away​

Each world you visit will have some sort of resource laying about, such as the EDZ's Dusklight Shards. These can be exchanged for prizes. So, starting from level 1, begin collecting them.

20. Don't Be Concerned With Crucible & Gambit​

Don't even consider PVP until you've reached level 50 and have some more powerful weapons. You're going to be annihilated. So take your time. Raise your game. Finish the adventures and the campaign.

21. Do Not Infuse Or Use Mods At This Time​

Mods may be used to improve weapons and armour in Destiny 2. You can also infuse a weapon with another weapon to increase its power level.

However, don't waste your time infusing or altering weapons too soon. To begin modifying and infusing, you must first acquire a power level of 1500.

22. You Can Reclaim Items From Your Collection​

Have you ever accidentally destroyed a valuable piece of equipment? Don't worry, you'll be able to get it from your collection. All you have to do now is locate the necessary resources to obtain it, and you'll have your amazing sniper back.

23. Xur & Weekly Resets​

Every week on Tuesday, all of the weekly tasks, bounties, and challenges in the reset. Remember to finish your weekly assignments before this deadline.

Keep an eye out for Xur as well. He's like an underground black market dealer that shows up in a strange area every weekend. You may discover his whereabouts on Discord or Reddit. Xur has some nice exotics for sale.

24. Raids and Dungeons​

Destiny 2's endgame is dungeons and raids.

If you don't want to play PVP in the Crucible, you may continue farming for better gear and treasure by doing Dungeons and Raids.

Now, I wouldn't advise you to go into Raids right away. Attempt to join a clan first, or utilise Discord to discover Raid groups. In any case, it's an enjoyable aspect of the game that must be experienced.

25. Don't Forget To Have A Good Time​

At first glance, Destiny 2 may appear to be overwhelming. You'll notice how much fun this game is if you take it slowly and enjoy the trip.

So, whether you're playing with a friend or alone, remember to unwind and enjoy yourself. Take a break if it becomes too much to avoid burnout. Change up the game you're playing. Then you may return to Destiny 2 afterwards.
Honestly, I wish I had followed a guide like this one before I started playing Destiny 2 so I could’ve saved myself the aggro of playing all over again.

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