Cooking Mama: Cookstar - Review Thread


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Dec 11, 2018


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The Original Gamer (no score, recommended to Cooking Mama fans, video review)

WalaBob (no score, video review)

GameSkinny (7/10):
Cooking Mama: Cookstar is a pretty fun if familiar addition to the series that was handled well. There just isn't much here that shakes up the formula. Even if it is decent fun and there's a little bit here for everyone, there's nothing that puts it a peg above the average game.

More than anything else, I wish this game's release wasn't so shrouded in mystery so that people who want to play it could do so.

Nintendo World Report (4.5/10):
In terms of what is on offer for a veteran gamer or someone who is familiar with the franchise, you will find this is a lacking option with not a lot of change, variation, or improvements. Motion control issues hamper the experience for anyone going for full completion, and the rest of what you see will remind you of one of the Wii-era titles in the series straight from 2007. As a family game, Cooking Mama: Cookstar offers a serviceable experience for your children for an evening.

Nintendo Life (3/10):
The odds are quite good that you will never get the chance to play Cooking Mama: Cookstar, and that’s probably for the best. Beyond its status as a curiosity item in the wake of the mess surrounding its release, there is absolutely nothing about Cooking Mama: Cookstar that justifies the price of admission. Extremely shallow gameplay, terrible motion controls, and some of the worst voice acting we’ve heard in a modern video game make for an experience that’s woefully average at best and outright unenjoyable at the worst. If you happen to be fortunate enough to come across a copy, you could always pick it up purely for its resale value and as a conversation piece, but do yourself a favour and don’t waste your time actually playing it.


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