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Ashes of Creation Overview

This article dives deep into Intrepid long-awaited game Ashes of Creation and its incredible graphics, gameplay and progression systems.


In the ever-evolving world of MMORPGs, Ashes of Creation stands out as a beacon of innovation and player-driven dynamics. Developed by Intrepid Studios, this game has already made significant waves in the MMORPG genre, even before its official release.

Announced in 2016, its Kickstarter campaign was a testament to its potential, raising over $3 million and surpassing its initial goal in record time. This early success highlighted the gaming community's hunger for a fresh, dynamic, and player-centric MMORPG.

The game's core promise is a world that reacts and evolves based on player activity. Unlike many MMORPGs where the world remains static, regardless of player interactions, Ashes of Creation offers a living, breathing world. Every decision, from the battles fought to the alliances forged, will have lasting consequences on the game's landscape and politics.

There is a tangible sense of excitement surrounding Ashes of Creation. With its unique blend of traditional MMORPG elements and new, groundbreaking features, it promises to offer an experience that is both familiar to veterans of the genre and refreshing to newcomers.

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Table of Contents

Below we present the main subjects we will talk about in this article.
  • UI Customization
  • Character Progression System
  • 64 Class Combinations
  • Professions
  • Nodes and Freeholds

UI Customization

In any MMORPG, the user interface (UI) serves as the player's primary tool for interacting with the game world. Ashes of Creation, while not explicitly detailing its UI customization features in the sources, is expected to offer extensive options for players. This would allow them to tailor their UI to their specific needs, ensuring that vital information is readily accessible and that the interface complements their playstyle.

Customizing the UI often goes beyond mere aesthetics. It's about efficiency and accessibility. By rearranging HUD elements, resizing action bars, or tweaking notification settings, players can enhance their gaming experience. This ensures quicker reactions in combat, easier access to abilities, and a more immersive experience overall.

Given the game's emphasis on player choice in other areas, it's reasonable to expect that Ashes of Creation will provide a robust set of tools for UI customization. This will empower players to create an interface that feels intuitive and personal, enhancing their connection to the game world.

Character Progression System

At the heart of Ashes of Creation lies a deep and intricate character progression system. Players start their journey by selecting from one of nine races, each with its own lore, aesthetics, and potential abilities. These races are:
  • Kaelar - Once owners of the biggest empire of the old world, they strive to do that all over again. Having European racial influence, they are extremely loyal to their roots.
  • Vaelune - Masters of developing a complex network of relationships and negotiations, the Vaelune had the wealthiest empire, despite it being located in the desert, where natural resources are scarce.
  • Dunir - The strongest warriors the world has ever seen pound for pound, the Dunir are masters of fortification, forging of weapons & armor, and jewelcrafting. This race has Nordic culture influence.
  • Nikua - Even with all their similarities to the Dunir, the Nikuans have always hated being held into the same place, even it is a highly fortified city that would protect them. They too are master artisans, having a Polynesian influence.
  • Ren'Kai - Masters of tranquility, focus and controlling their imense power, the Ren'Kai can become enraged and destroy everything in their paths.
  • Vek - Having a Mesoamerican racial influence, the Vek are great astrologers, forging star maps, having a strong connection to numerology and prophecies.
  • Empyrean - Maybe one of the most developed races in terms of military forces and highly structured government, the Empyrean are surely a powerful race. They have a Greco-Roman imperialistic influence.
  • Py'Rai - Having Navajo Native American Influence, the Py'Rai strive in nature, and are masters of stealth, bow, and spear, rarely letting their target live.
  • Tulnar - Also known as "The Forgotten", are a mix of all the major and minor races that once lived in the fallen world of Verra, that were left behind after the apocalypse.

But racial choice is just the tip of the iceberg. The game introduces a dual-class system, allowing players to choose a primary archetype from a list of eight, including Mage, Cleric, and Rogue. As players advance, they can select a secondary archetype upon reaching level 25. This system results in a staggering 64 potential class combinations, ensuring a rich tapestry of playstyles and strategies.

This depth of choice ensures that character progression in Ashes of Creation is a deeply personal journey. Players can tailor their characters to fit their preferred combat style, role in group content, or even their role-playing preferences. Whether you wish to be a Mage who dabbles in rogue-like abilities or a Tank with healing capabilities, the game offers the tools to realize that vision.

64 Class Combinations


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The dual-class system is one of Ashes of Creation's unique features. With 64 potential class combinations, the game offers never-seen diversity in character builds. This system encourages players to experiment, blending archetypes to discover unique synergies, abilities, and playstyles.

For instance, a player might start as a Fighter, focusing on melee combat and physical prowess. But upon reaching the secondary archetype choice, they could opt for Mage, blending martial skills with arcane abilities. This could result in a battlemage character, capable of dishing out physical and magical damage.

The beauty of this system lies in its flexibility. Players are not locked into predefined class paths. Instead, they have the freedom to mix and match archetypes, leading to a dynamic and ever-evolving meta. As players experiment with different combinations, new strategies and builds will emerge, ensuring that the game remains fresh and engaging.


Beyond combat and exploration, professions offer players a chance to engage with the game's economy and crafting systems. Ashes of Creation doesn't lack diversity in this chapter either. Players have a wide range of professions they can use for their advantage, either for their own benefit or for financial gains. Each profession will require its own set of tools, artisan gear, stations or recipes.Professions are divided into three parent trees:
  • Gathering - Fishing, Herbalism, Hunting, Lumberjacking, and Mining
  • Processing - Alchemy, Animal Husbandry, Cooking, Farming, Lumber Milling, Metalworking, Stonemasonry, Tanning, and Weaving
  • Crafting - Arcane Engineering, Armor Smithing, Carpentry, Jewel Cutting, Leatherworking, Scribing, Tailoring, Weapon Smithing.

Nodes and Freeholds


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One of the game's most ambitious features is its dynamic world-building system, centered around nodes. As players explore and interact with regions, nodes in these areas begin to develop. These nodes can evolve from mere camps to sprawling metropolises, reflecting the cumulative efforts and choices of players in that region.

But nodes are not just about size and aesthetics. As they grow, they unlock new content, challenges, and opportunities. A burgeoning node might attract traders, leading to a bustling marketplace. Alternatively, it might become a strategic point of interest, leading to territorial conflicts and large-scale battles.

Complementing the node system is the concept of freeholds. Players can invest in land, establishing their own personal spaces within the game world. These freeholds can be developed into homes, farms, workshops, or even guild halls. They serve as personal sanctuaries, crafting hubs, and social spaces, allowing players to leave their mark on the world of Ashes of Creation.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our Ashes of Creation article. We hope that you found the information above useful and we can't wait to play with you.

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