10 Top Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring


Elden Ring blends features from past games such as Bloodborne and Dark Souls and FromSoftware has surely grabbed the gaming community by storm. However, Elden Ring differs from previous games in that it offers players entire control over where they go and what they do.

So, if a player gets trapped fighting a challenging World Boss (which Elden Ring has many of), they can switch to another part of the Lands Between. Spirit Ash Summons is one of the many things in Elden Ring that can assist a player win even the most difficult battles. However, with so many Spirit Ashes (64 to be exact!), gamers may find it difficult to choose which one to employ.

1. Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff​

Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff, one of the Legendary Ash Summons, is the ideal companion for Sorcery or Incantation builds with low Vigor because he's quite muscular and can take a hammering. He also has a decent ranged assault, striking adversaries with thunderbolts and imbuing his weapon with Lightning!

Unfortunately, getting him can be difficult, which is why he isn't ranked higher because players must first accomplish Leyndell the Royal Capital before moving on to Sainted Hero's Grave. Players can only fight Imps in this place if a light is shone on them.

2. Fanged Imp​

Imps are nimble and induce Blood Loss over time, so players who have met them previously know how annoying they are to combat (but surprisingly not the most annoying enemies to fight in Elden Ring). The good news is that players can call two obnoxious Fanged Imps to torment foes and bosses.

They're not the strongest of the group, but they can move swiftly, which allows them to survive longer. The Fanged Imp Ash Summon can be obtained as a souvenir at the start of the game or purchased from a trader near the Main Academy Gate.

3. Azula Beastman​

The Azula Beastman is a massive beast that can easily stun adversaries, especially when players can summon two of them. They're also highly aggressive, so they'll keep attacking adversaries until they die. Players who faced Beastman Of Farum Azula in Groveside Cave may know them because they are nearly identical.

Because it's discovered underneath the Dragon Temple Site of Grace in the Crumbling Farum Azula location, Azula Beastman Spirit Ash Summon is a late-game find. Furthermore, despite their tremendous strike, they tend to perish sooner than others due to their continual involvement in combat.

4. Oracle Envoy​

The Oracle Envoy illustrates that FromSoftware is known in the gaming community for designing some of the strangest foes and bosses in video games. This marshmallow-looking Spirit Ash Summon possesses a decent ranged bubble attack as well as good aggro stats.

However, the Oracle Envoy's biggest flaw is that their ranged attacks are slow, thus players shouldn't rely on their damage in a combat. This Spirit Ash Summon can be found near Haligtree Town Site of Grace, which is part of Miquella's Haligtree Secret Area.

5. Radahn Soldier​

Radahn Soldier Spirit is beneficial against bosses because they have high protection numbers (because to their shield), and their weapons are infused with Fire, Ash Summon is particularly beneficial against them. Unfortunately, Radahn Soldiers have a mind of their own and frequently wander around the open area looking for additional adversaries, which may be unpleasant.

This Spirit Ash Summon can be found in the War-Dead Catacombs, but players should be prepared to battle Imps, Cleanrot Knight Spirits, Radhan Soldier Spirits, and the world boss, Putrid Tree Spirit.

6. Nightmaiden & Swordtress Puppets​

Although defeating two formidable Swordstresses to earn this Spirit Ash Summon is difficult, it's well worth the risk because they'll be useful in boss encounters. The Nightmaiden and Swordstress Spirits are excellent aggro summons that may last the whole of a battle, owing to their ability to readily escape assaults.

Their sole disadvantage is that they walk slowly, therefore bosses who teleport or roam about a lot will rapidly lose aggro. As a result, players should only use them against bosses or foes who move slowly.

7. Greatshield Soldier​

The Greatshield Soldiers are the go-to Spirit Ash Summons for any glass cannon build, especially at +9 and +10. Furthermore, players with healing-type Incantations, such as Lord's Heal (one of the greatest Incantations in Elden Ring), will be able to heal them, increasing their invulnerability.

All of that defence comes at a cost, since they rarely damage adversaries, thus players shouldn't rely on their damage output. This Spirit Ash Summon may be found on a corpse in a graveyard in Nokron, Eternal City.

8. Black Knife Tiche​

The Black Knife Tiche is perhaps the most divisive Spirit Ash Summon, since many players think her overpowered, especially during boss encounters. This Spirit Ash Summon has Black Flame infused melee and ranged attacks, creating a DoT effect on foes.

Some players have even discovered that in certain fights, the Black Knife Tiche can out-damage them, which is why some players believe that utilising her makes Elden Ring too simple. Players that enjoy wearing the Black Knife Armor can obtain one by visiting Consecrated Snowfield.

9. Lhutel The Headless​

What more could a player want from a character with excellent defence numbers, powerful melee and ranged attacks, and the ability to teleport around the area? Furthermore, players that invest in her will quickly find that she can act as a powerful tank as well as a damage dealer, making her the ideal Spirit Ash Summon.

But why isn't she at the top of the list today? The main reason for this is that Lhutel the Headless is unreliable when it comes to aggroing foes or bosses, owing to her tendency to teleport about the arena. As a result, players that rely on Spirit Ash Summons to aggro adversaries will rapidly discover that she is ineffective. In the Tombsward Catacombs, players can gain her by fighting the Cemetery Shade.

10. Mimic Tear​

The Mimic Tear is the finest Spirit Ash in Elden Ring because it duplicates the player exactly. Because it's practically another player fighting alongside the player, these benefits will make a boss fight trivial. However, summoning this Spirit Ash comes as a cost: the player will lose 660 HP. Furthermore, the Mimic Tear cannot switch weapons, thus it will employ the weapon you presently have equipped. However, because the Mimic Tear scales with the player, it has practically infinite power, making it the finest Spirit Ash Summon.

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