Are Mario games available on the PS4?


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Feb 2, 2019
My son got hooked with the Mario games on you tube. It was recorded games and it seems like he wanted to play it by himself. Is it available also in PS4?
There must be a some Mario remake for latest consoles and PC's for sure. It's a classic after all. Even the youth know about it, not just the 90's kids.
I think Mario, Sonic, and most of the scrolling games are available for all platforms. You can pretty much find them online easily. And there seems to be many editions over the years. So you may have to choose what to play there.
..really? ?

Mario is a Nintendo property.
Nintendo are still in the console industry (unlike Sega).
Therefore, Mario games are available on Nintendo consoles only (unless you use emulators).
Yes nintendo has protected their baby for many years. It would take so much money for microsoft or sony to buy that from nintendo. It's kind of like pokemon. It will always be a Nintendo type thing. Fortunately the Nintendo Switch has all these games on it or the Nintendo 3ds. Whether you prefer handheld or an actual console like the Switch. But yeah it wouldn't happen in our lifetime at least I imagine
I mostly played through the console on other platforms. So yeah that maybe my experience. I have also seen mario got jailbreaked on other chinese consoles which are sold cheap. Usually in asia, many such cheap consoles have sonic and mario in them. And they have like data card which has same mario games with difficulty of higher levels but same game.

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