fourier transform+convolution math AMD games better than dolbyvision/tv/cameras


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Dec 18, 2023
so its to do with transistor high frequency switching being about the speed of electricity/light and using interpolation/wave form maths and adding +10x/0/-10x either side or whatever but before reality could only be processed/measured/worked on with like vacuum tube computers or water computers and analog realtime of vinyl records and film or whatever. but those all used moving parts and chemicals.. and were not FASTER than reality and real maths the realm of super computers. so when reality emulating with AMD you dont use copy you use transport and dont use convert you use the word transform. So uhh.. what other words might i be needing? i copy pasted radio maths and told it the names of every greek alphabet of radiation before.. i copy pasted wikipedias fourier transform maths in.. but my unicode and ascii seem uhh fake and its 3bit or 16bit dos fake intel fake nvidia fake microsoft garbage. anybody know the real maths or how to use the real zencore all the maths in the universe stuff?
it wont let me link you guys as im a new user or something. so heres some screenshots of everybodys favourite 2012 arcade amd chip based ray tracing project diva arcade game... HATSUNE MIKU.. there was also sonic the hedge hog rays games and stuff they tend to have GAMMA in the options menu and be working with AMD. so uhh i played recent mega mix miku game on steam.. and its got psp/ps3 games on there in a future tone menu option.. its not got ALL the future tone songs though.. sux.. its released for switch so its graphics were nerfed from ps3 maybe.. but its not the worst.. i realised miku is the most ray traced thing lately.

imgur com/a/DDALm1t
pixeldrain com/u/DT2LuNqY
mediafire com/file/klv7guulxdalqyf/

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