Super Mario Bros. The Movie (1993)


Feb 20, 2022
Hello, everyone! 2023 is wrapping up and I have been playing and discussing games released in 1993/1998 to celebrate their 30th/25th anniversary on my podcast. At the end of each year, we have been doing some type of visual media instead of a game, last year we talked about The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and this year we're talking about the Mario Bros film that came out in 1993. It celebrated its 30th anniversary earlier this year on May 28th.

So why am I bringing this up other than to talk about such an infamous film in video game media? Well, we are going to be doing our latest episode shortly and we thought about seeing if anyone out there would like to join us? I will be watching the unofficial extended cut and would love to hear someone else's opinion and memories about the film.

I don't want to include the link to my podcast here, but I have shared it in the self-promotion thread. Anyhow, I hope to hear some feedback and I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

Super Mario Bros. Movie 1993 Wikipidea
On June 1, 2021, editor and film restorationist Garrett Gilchrist and members of The Super Mario Bros. (Movie) Archive released a "semi-official" restoration of the extended cut of Super Mario Bros. The restorationists named it The Morton-Jankel Cut because it was based on an earlier VHS workprint of the film which had been discovered. Gilchrist was hired to get the most out of the low-quality VHS. The film is extended by twenty minutes in this cut, with additional scenes including Koopa devolving a technician into slime for the crime of sneezing, Mario's rivalry with the mafia-affiliated Scapelli plumbing company, and an anti-Koopa rap by Spike and Iggy at the Boom Boom Bar, backed up with scantily clad lizard dancers. Though the Morton-Jankel Cut was theoretically intended as an official Blu-ray extra, there are no plans for this to happen, and it was leaked to Internet Archive instead. The Australian Blu-ray by Umbrella (released October 2021) uses a raw edit of the VHS workprint rather than Gilchrist's restoration.

That film is publicly available here.

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