What do you guys think of the new Super Mario movie?


Apr 16, 2023
I haven't seen the new movie yet; is it worth seeing? Better than the Sonic movies (doubt lol)
Well, I haven't seen the Super Mario movie yet either, but I'm definitely curious to check it out. As for how it compares to the Sonic movies... well, let's just say it's tough to beat a film that features Jim Carrey as the villainous Dr. Robotnik! But who knows, maybe Mario and Luigi will give Sonic a run for his money. Have you heard any good buzz about the movie so far?
I saw it, it's good. It's the closest we got to a legitimate Super Mario Bros. Movie. I enjoyed it. I cried only because 10 year old me wouldn't believe that this was possible, because the live action Super Mario film was just ridiculous. It's a meme at this point.

They incorporated every idea from all the Mario games, spin-offs, and whatnot. Most of the film is, basically, a product placement for Mario games. So, go watch it, and enjoy it.

Don't listen to the negative naysayers. Like, there's people complaining about Peach... But doesn't realize Peach was featured as either a playable character, main character, or what the controversy says: Damsel in distress.

I think they're just setting up expectations for the next films. To me, the ending feels like a page out of Super Mario Bros. 2. Literally, I'm not complaining. Let 'em complain.

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