Advice for esport summer event


New member
Jun 9, 2022
Hello all,

I come looking for advice on finding an esports event this summer. I am planning to hit the road with my son late june this year 2022 and am hoping to find a live esports event to attend. I have never watched or participated in such events but I am aware they exist and was thinking this would be a fun thing for us to do this summer. In my mind I am seeing a weekend event with stadium seating, big screens, players on stage, vendors and a raucous crowd cheering their teams and throwing popcorn.

I am having a difficult time finding schedules and venues. Is this just not done anymore? Was the live esport thing just a brief moment in history and everything is streaming now? Any advice, tips or leads would be appreciated. I am not particular about the game and location is not too big of a deal but I would certainly need to find something in the U.S.

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