Where to host community Esports events?


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Feb 20, 2022
For a while me and my university friends were trying to host and run a series of video game game tournaments in our community. We knew that the university had a bunch of people who played CS:GO, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Seige and even Overwatch. We had a large number of people that wanted to participate and nobody would really take initiative to work on server hosting, game tracking and the whole organisation of the idea. I did some research of finding an alternative to our issue. Where we would get a nice event, with great quality, and wouldn't take up our time and efforts. I found a company called GoExanimo and they were really easy to work with. We purchased their service in hosting our university e-sports tournament and got an amazing results. All of the people in mind participated and we managed to create multiple teams in each of the games. Before using it I was unsure though after we took the opportunity we do not regret it.

I am writing this for the reason because I want to let other people know who might be looking for a way to host their community esports tournament. Check them out: Esports Event Management | Goexanimo

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