How You Can Qualify for an eSports Tournament


Knowing how to qualify for an eSports tournament gives you a general understanding of how to take the correct steps to become a professional gamer.

As generations age, our role models begin to shift. Your parents may have had dreams of becoming a ball player, wanting to follow in the footsteps of their favorite pitcher. Those in Gen Z may idolize a streamer like your pops fawns over Derek Jeter. Learning how you can qualify for an eSports tournament is the first step you can take to complete your vision.

Find Your Game & Platform​

Ideally, you already have a game in mind that you feel confident playing in an eSports tournament. You can explore various game types like real-time strategy (RTS), first-person shooter (FPS), or fighting games. But eSports takes it to another level because they have professional sports franchises that run their own eSports league, like the NBA 2K franchise.

Once you settle on a game, it's time to pick a platform. Many games have a preference and will debate their choice until they are blue in the face. PC gaming seems to be the most popular option, especially for FPS games, but there's nothing wrong with putting a controller in your hand.

Work Hard, Play Hard​

Like a star quarterback going through their playbook and watching the film, you should practice and learn as much as possible about your game before competing. Even if you are untouchable when you play with your friends, the odds are that someone is better than you. The key to victory is learning the game's ins and outs and putting a plan in motion. Additionally, you should test your theories by predicting what your opponents would do in response to your strategies. You have a leg up on the competition if you bob when they weave.

Get Active in a Community​

The beautiful thing about online gaming is that you're not limited to a geographical area to make friends or play against one another. There are endless online tournaments that an amateur with little experience can register for. Going this route gives you an idea of where you stand compared to your peers. Moreover, it allows you to showcase your skills to any teams looking to add to their squad.

Join a Team​

The final piece of the puzzle is joining a competitive eSports team. The more you participate in tournaments and other communities, the more you become a hot commodity, particularly if you dominate your adversaries. Joining a team is like finding a job: the more experience you get, the more opportunities you get. You're not signing a lifetime contract to the first team you join because, like professional athletes, you can bounce around until you find the perfect landing spot.

Becoming a professional gamer may be a long shot, but don't shelve your aspirations because they may seem improbable. Following these steps to qualify for an eSports tournament will put you on the best path to making your dreams come true.

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