Advice for Building An Excellent Gaming Collection


Those who love and appreciate gaming, in all its forms, often become advocates of the hobby. For many, gaming is more than just a corporate pastime they buy into, but a set of experiences they share, cherish, and even learn from.

Many gamers have memories reaching back to their childhoods about the titles they’ve loved and the stories they’ve encountered, but increasingly, those of different backgrounds and even ages are beginning to see the value in such a hobby.

Building an excellent gaming collection, then, can be a good demonstrate of your knowledge and love of the hobby, and showcases your personality with care. First, determining the scope of the hobby is important. You may wish to collect retro game consoles or arcade machines, or every game from a limited console, or perhaps even collector’s editions of the titles you most appreciate.

No matter what makes you tick, we have some worthwhile advice to help you better collection, organize and even present your collection in the best possible way:

Learn the History​

By putting together a collection, you become something of an advocate for the items you bring into your home or storage space, and so it can be healthy to keep that interest alive by learning and spreading the history of the items you love. For instance, many collectors will find it truly enjoyable to learn about misprints, lost media, or other unique gaming artefacts that are unique and struggle to be found elsewhere. Learning the history of your hobby is a real joy and can help you chart the path between the earlier days of Pong to the incredible launch of Unreal Engine 5.

Indulgence Can Be Fun​

That said, you don’t have to be clinical about putting a collection together, as if you were an archaeologist dusting off old tokens. If you wish to geek out, then geek out! It’s good fun to use MTG Proxy cards to put together a more complete deck, or to customize your gaming console you’ve searched for and purchased. You are a custodian of your collection, but you also get to enjoy it. Sometimes, it can feel as though collectors only ever take a step back and appreciate their collection from afar - but if you purchase a retro console because you want to play it daily, that’s absolutely valid too.

Display & Showcase!​

It can be healthy to put your collection together in a worthwhile display arrangement so that you can easily and comfortably look through and organize it in the best way. For some, that might mean purchasing a display unit where each games console can be displayed cleanly, perhaps with a large LED light in each that provides amazing backlighting. However, you choose to present your collection is certainly valid. You may also choose to share your collection with others by uploading pictures to forums or making YouTube videos. It’s good to get compliments about the effort we’ve gone to in order to collect - so don’t be afraid to express all of your hard work!

With this advice, you’re sure to build an excellent gaming collection in the best way, no matter what form that takes.

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