5 Top Relics in Rogue Legacy 2


Rogue Legacy 2 is one of the most accessible roguelikes. That was also true in the first game, but it is even more so now. There are many more methods to get an advantage over the game's risks. For example, there are a number of help elements that may be used to undermine opposing defences.

Relics are another type of artefact that players may gather. These Relics can randomly increase some attributes or grant players special abilities by investing Resolve, which varies by class. Which Relics in Rogue Legacy 2 are the most effective at turning the tables in the player's favour?

Are you looking for the best traits? Here are the 5 top traits in Rogue Legacy 2.

1. Weird Mushrooms​

In the description, Weird Mushrooms does not sell themselves well enough to seem appealing. This Relic will infect foes with a spore burst effect. When you defeat an enemy, they will explode. If enough foes congregate around it, they may become infected as well, resulting in a chain of explosions.

It will definitely be thrilling for players to witness a vast line of opponents burst into a puff of spores for the first time. At the same time, it's a cool combination of graphics and a valuable Relic.

2. Hyperion’s Ring​

Hyperion's Ring is without a doubt the finest Relic in Rogue Legacy 2. It will automatically restore up to 50% of a player's health. Although this object is only used once, there are techniques to manipulate the system.

There is a characteristic called Compulsive Hoarder that heirs might inherit. If a character possesses this feature, Relics may have a twofold impact, allowing Hyperion's Ring to heal twice as much. It would take a lot of luck to gain that characteristic and this Relic combined, which is a component of each roguelike run.

3. Marble Statue​

The Marble Statue is a Relic that increases the player's landing skills. When players leap into the air and then land, they will cause a mini-earthquake. This will harm both opponents and items. It's not a particularly powerful strike, but every little bit helps in fight.

The Marble Statue's most beneficial feature is that it can easily dispose of barrels, crates, and other similar items. In a roguelike, every amount that helps players to save time, no matter how minor, is worthwhile.

4. Body Buffet​

Healing in Rogue Legacy 2, or any roguelike for that matter, is a difficult task. A magical apple will occasionally appear in a room, restoring health or increasing health at the expense of harm. Players will occasionally come across a bit of meat on an adversary or in an item such as a barrel. That is extremely unlikely. Finally, the Chef class has a special culinary skill that allows it to cure itself.

This component of recovery is made a bit simpler with Body Buffet. It's a Relic that raises the possibility of food being consumed by 16 percent. That is a low rate for a Relic, but if the game starts at 1%, this is a significant improvement.

5. Glowing Ember​

The Growing Ember is a Relic that may be stacked. As long as this Relic is equipped, the sixth strike will be 75 percent stronger. The more powerful a class's weapon, the more powerful this Relic's impact will be.

This is another Relic, like the last one, that might be useful during a boss encounter. Bosses might be annihilated in seconds if this was combined with Voltaic Circle. That may seem like an exaggeration of both Relics' abilities, but the point is that the combination is noteworthy.

Rogue Legacy 2 is available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.
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Saramaya Slim

Apr 26, 2022
Rogue Legacy isnt a roguelike. It's a metroidvania with arcade mechanics.

Roguelikes are turn and tile based games that mimic the gameplay of the game Rogue.
Roguelikes are thus games that have a level of in built disability access.

When you call Rogue Legacy a "roguelike" you're hurting the access to gaming for disabled people like myself that roguelikes inherently have.
Please as a journalist, as someone who's meant to have integrity more so than the average schlub, just understand that "gaming is for everyone" and "this genre does not need to be turn based" are two mutually exclusive statements.