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  1. Melissa Adams

    News 5 Top Relics in Rogue Legacy 2

    Rogue Legacy 2 is one of the most accessible roguelikes. That was also true in the first game, but it is even more so now. There are many more methods to get an advantage over the game's risks. For example, there are a number of help elements that may be used to undermine opposing defences...
  2. Melissa Adams

    News 5 Top Traits in Rogue Legacy 2

    One of the most recent additions to Rogue Legacy 2 is the addition of different weapons for each class. For example, a mage in the original game was skilled at casting spells but still wielded a sword. No matter what, all classes wielded a sword. Traits, on the other hand, were another weapon at...
  3. Melissa Adams

    News 5 Top Classes in Rogue Legacy 2

    When Rogue Legacy was published in 2013, it featured an unusual gimmick as a roguelike. When a player died, they were reborn as the deceased's heir. Players were generally given three alternatives to pick from in the game. Each child was allocated different stats and classifications. While each...