5 Top Traits in Rogue Legacy 2


One of the most recent additions to Rogue Legacy 2 is the addition of different weapons for each class. For example, a mage in the original game was skilled at casting spells but still wielded a sword. No matter what, all classes wielded a sword. Traits, on the other hand, were another weapon at the player's disposal.

In Rogue Legacy 2, traits are reintroduced and passed on to new heirs of the hero lineage. The Belmont clan is condemned to chase Dracula for all eternity in this series, which is similar to Castlevania. It's especially worth mentioning because Rogue Legacy 2 is more Metroidvania-like than ever before. Which of the various characteristics that children might be born with are the most useful?

Are you struggling to pick a class? Here are the 5 top classes in Rogue Legacy 2.

1. Aerodynamic​

The original game enabled players to hit adversaries from underneath. Scrooge's cane assault in the DuckTales game was evocative of this manoeuvre. This animation was altered in Rogue Legacy 2 to resemble a spin kick. Aerodynamic is a property that returns the animation to its initial state.

Instead, characters will charge at opponents with increased force. By no means is it the most strong or beneficial characteristic in the game. It's only there to draw attention to one of the best roguelikes ever made.

2. Cartographer​

The Cartographer is a two-edged sword of a characteristic. It allows gamers to see the entirety of each biome's map. The disadvantage is that once their marker is gone off the map, players will have no idea where they are headed. However, there is a method to mastering this feature. All that is required of players is that they take manual notes.

Players must figure out the exits from the start of a warp point in order to determine how far away they are from a specific desired chamber. Although Spelunky is the superior attribute since this one is more difficult, it is still worth mentioning.

3. Disattuned​

Disattuned is a homage to the Undertale series, from the name to the design choices. This characteristic darkens the entire body, giving it the appearance of a shadow. The only thing the enemy can see is a small heart. This heart, like the heart in that game's combat, is the sole means for players to suffer damage.

Getting it on an heir is an excellent defensive attribute to have. It's not ideal, though, since certain foes' attacks still have a large hitbox. Mastering a character with this quality takes time, but practise makes perfect.

4. Compulsive Hoarder​

At any given stand, this feature lets players to find two Relics. The wonderful thing is that your determination to pick them up stays unchanged. Hyperion's Ring is a nice Relic to match this feature with. Normally, that Relic may only be used once to revive the player.

If they have Compulsive Hoarder equipped, they can resurrect twice. The attribute comes with a caution that not all Relics will proliferate. However, the likelihood of it happening appears to be minimal. It's all down to chance, as it is with most things in a roguelike.

5. Clumsy​

Players with the Clumsy characteristic can break things such as barrels and torches just by touching them. Swinging at objects in order to obtain stuff or gold will not take up a lot of time in a room. Because roguelikes are all about repetition, the more time players can save, even if it's only a few seconds at a time, the better.

If players are lucky enough to have it, another quality that might work well with Clumsy is OCD, which allows the character to recoup mana by striking items. It's a fantastic combination for magic-based classes like the Astromancer, one of Rogue Legacy 2's most powerful classes.

Rogue Legacy 2 is available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.
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Roguelikes are games that mimic the turned and tiled moment to moment gameplay of Rogue.

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