5 Reasons Why Games Are Good For You


Jan 28, 2021
It is just one of those random thoughts that hit me from time to time. I was wondering what are the actual damages that games can cause to us. I've been looking it up and found out that it's not as bad as it seems to be. In some articles, they even mentioned how good it could be for us to play games (like this one 5 Reasons Why Games Are Good For You and also another article I found on ign but I could not find the link again later on sorryyyy🙏). I am honestly just looking for reasons to convince my mom that it's all good and there is nothing to worry about XD.

1/ Games makes you socially active
2/ Games can improve vision
3/ Games can be a source of income
4/ Games as a treatment for mental illnesses

5/ Games help kids grow up


Oct 6, 2020
I can account to that, used to that your parents would tell you "Video games" rotten your brain, and now it's changing ways either by voluntarily or by force due to the pandemic. Of course the screens we played on back then weren't the greatest for our eyes anyway compared to today. So I'm sure there are a lot of factors relating to this topic.