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For years, people have been playing games online. From the moment the Internet came out and the Atari was created, people were getting on their computers and connecting as much as they could to play games that were uploaded to the Internet. In the early 90s, gaming was all about consoles such as Nintendo and Sega. Consoles that would host CD games or cartridge games that you would plug in and play. You didn't need an online component here, but it was the start of what gaming was when the Nintendo and Sega consoles hit the market. Along with PlayStation in the 90s, gaming really did explode in popularity, which created an entirely new industry for people to work in and thrive in.

Now gaming is a multibillion dollar industry, with the addition of Xbox, especially the web and the Nintendo Switch, meaning that people can game in any way that makes them happy. More recently, in the past five years, we've been seeing virtual reality gaming come to life, which means people can pop on goggles in their own home and get involved in virtual reality gaming that feels realistic. Being online and gaming may not seem like a great pastime to some, but to others, it's something that takes them away from the everyday. Not only can people just get online and distract themselves from the world, They are also able to connect with others who are in the same boat and have the same interests.

This makes online gaming a global activity and people from all walks of life can connect together and create something amazing. There are now more genres and platforms and gaming titles that could ever be thought possible, with even more being dreamed up in the pipeline by companies and creators who simply want to try and get their names out there too. Gaming isn't just somewhere that's fun, but it's also a foundation for the cure to loneliness and careers for many people.

Whether you like to go online and play blackjack, or you like to play chess with others from across the world, or you love to be able to log on and create your family in The Sims, getting online and gaming is now something that most people just do as soon as they get home from work. Are you on the fence as to whether you should start an online gaming profile well we've got some of the reasons to get online and start gaming today

  1. Online gaming is accessible to everybody, no matter who they are or how old they are. As long as there is an available Internet connection and a device to connect to it, you can jump on and play any online game that you could afford. The unfortunate thing is that where games used to cost some money for a disk or a cartridge that meant the game was yours, online gaming now often has a larger main component cost and then several other costs. While it's accessible because it's easy to get online and jump onto, it's not always accessible financially unless you choose the right game. All you need to do is find the type of game you are interested in and map out whether it works for your budget, and then you can save to get the game that you want. Once you've done that, you can jump online and connect.
  2. There are free gaming options. If affordability is an issue for you, there are plenty of free games online that you can play. You can play Blackjack online for free, and you can also play things like chess and drafts online for free.There are even free versions of games such as The Sims which allow you to get online and have fun. Those free to play games are browser based usually, and it still allows you to have fun, but there are limitations to how far you can progress before you have to pay.
  3. The choice is immense. Online games are being developed more and more every single day, which means there is always something new in the pipeline no matter what game you buy. The game you buy right now may not even be relevant in a year, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it. There is an endless range of games to try, from racing games to dashing games to card games to board games, no matter the game you want to try, as long as you're going to have fun with it. That's the game that you should try!
  4. Online gaming gives you the experience of the impossible. Have you ever wished to be a pilot but never been able to afford going to get your piloting license? Don't worry, you're not alone there. Instead of doing that, though, you can jump onto an online game and learn how to work with aircraft and fly from start to finish. You can head into rockets to unexplored pilots or fight monsters or even race cars around the track. You can create entire cities and build your own theme park and it's all done with play money that doesn't exist which means that you can explore the seemingly impossible in your everyday life but on a gaming platform instead.


  1. You have the ability to socialize. If you're finding it hard to get out of the house at the moment, or if we end up getting stuck in another lockdown at some stage, online gaming is going to be an outlet for you to not only have fun, but to communicate with other people. It's a social thing to do, and you can connect with people from the other side of the planet as long as they are online with you at the same time. If you're forming groups or joining teams for a particular game, it allows you to participate in great competitions while doing it with new friends that you've just made who have things in common. The best part is that in most games you are able to communicate vocally over a headset, which means you can get to know people from around the world.
  2. You have a chance to be creative. There are so many role-playing games out there that give you a chance to build something from scratch. From theme parks to just regular everyday life, you'll be able to improve the way that you live and the way that your new online character lives.
  3. Online gaming allows you to be a problem solver. So you may not be able to solve every problem that you've got in your real life, but when you settle down to your online game, you'll suddenly be able to learn how to build your own PC or fix your own car. There are games out there that teach you how to run a restaurant or to become a 911 operator. No matter what you want to do, you'll be able to practice with online games, which gives you some taste of the world that you could have, if that's what you want to go after.
  4. You have the chance to relax. Even if you are under a stressful situation online, you're able to have those bursts of adrenaline in a safe place that allows you to relax at the same time. It's relaxing to be able to beat your opponents and know that you are going to be the winner.

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