5 Best Pokemon to Use Against Pokemon Violet's Final Boss


The first Pokemon games had one overarching objective: helping players complete their Pokedex. While there were certain aspects of competitive play, including as battles between trainers, they were never as popular as trading or capturing Pokemon. However, The Pokemon Company began to boost the ante by integrating more competitive PVE and PVP aspects, much to the delight of die-hard Pokemon fans.

Even the PVE bouts provide a fair amount of difficulty for those who are new to the game, and here is where Pokemon Scarlet and Violet really shine. Professor Turo, the game's last enemy, is another excellent illustration of a formidable foe in the Pokemon series. However, those who come prepared with the correct Pokemon may simply brush him aside.

1. Espeon​

When it comes to Psyhic-type capabilities, Espeon is the best Eeveelution to use in PVP combat. As Fight-type Pokemon are often vulnerable to Psyhic-type Pokemon, a robust Espeon is a suitable match for Professor Turo's Iron Hands (Paradox Hariyama). Synchronize is Espeon's most powerful ability since it makes the opposing Pokemon experience the same negative consequences as Espeon does.

Mild is the ideal Nature for Espeon since it increases Special Attack by 10%, which is the main stat people want to improve in this Pokemon. As Special Defense is a trait the Iron Hands excels at, players will want their Espeon to acquire Psychic to substantially reduce it. Future Sight is another top-tier Psychic-type move that launches a devastating Psychic attack at the conclusion of the second round.

2. Tyranitar​

Tyranitar's great strength throughout the years has earned it the status of Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon, in the same vein as Anakin Skywalker and the Jedi High Council. Players will want to have Tyranitar on their squad since it has a high chance of defeating any Pokemon they face, even Professor Turo's Iron Moth. An average Tyranitar has an IV range of roughly 600, making it one of the finest IV'ed Pokemon in Pokemon Violet.

The "Serene Grace" ability, which Tyranitar may have, increases the likelihood of status effects, stat changes, and flinching by a factor of two. Since the most effective Dark-type Pokemon all know Bite, players may take advantage of this to consistently cause their opponents to flinch. Even though Tyranitar is a Rock and Dark type, it can learn techniques from the Fire, Ice, and Dragon families.

3. Magnezone​

Due to its excellent Special Attack stat, Magnezone has gradually become a mainstay in most competitive Electric-type Pokemon teams (130). Pokemon vulnerable to Electric-type attacks will take heavy damage from attacks like Zap Cannon and Thunder. Magneton is a Common Pokémon, thus catching one won't take too much time (particularly in South Province Area Four or West Province Area Three).

Professor Turo's Iron Jugulis (Paradox Hydreigon) is vulnerable to Magnezone, although players should still use caution. Magnezone's "Sturdy" ability, which prevents OHKO (One Hit Knockout) attacks from working, is a huge blessing. Thus, trainers who want to include Magnezone in their teams for the showdown with Professor Turo in Pokemon Violet need make sure their Magnezone is equipped with the Sturdy ability.

4. Gyarados​

In preparation for Professor Turo's ultimate fight, Gyarados, one of the original Pokemon from Generation 1, has made a reappearance. Due to its high vulnerability to Flying-type techniques, Gyarados is the best choice for players taking on Professor Turo's Iron Valiant (Paradox Gallade). However, one of the finest new abilities in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is "Moxie," which is why players should employ Gyarados.

An individual Pokemon's Attack level will increase by one level for each of its allies that has fainted while under the influence of Moxie. Also, Gyarados has a head start since Iron Valiant is normally the final Pokemon to be sent out. Since Flying-type moves are physical attacks, Gyarados benefits most from the Adamant Nature (+10%).

5. Wo-Chien​

Wo-Chien is a Legendary Pokemon, but if players follow the procedures to call it, they may catch it before the boss fight with Professor Turo. The Attack stat of Wo-Chien may be poor, but it is more than compensated for by its high Defense and even higher Special Defense. This implies that Wo-Chien is best used defensively, and not offensively, against Iron Bundle (Paradox Delibird).

Tablets of Ruin is a desirable ability for Wo-Chien since it drastically reduces the Attack of all Pokemon and is hence a desirable goal for players. If a player happens to encounter a Wo-Chien who is carrying "Tablets of Ruins," they may always buy an Ability Capsule from any of the many Chansey Supply Shops dotted about Paldea. In terms of attacks, Leaf Storm is an S-level Grass-type move that is devastating against Water-type Pokemon.

Pokemon Violet is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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