10 Tips on How to Ace Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


Advice on navigating Paldea, capturing Pokemon, and engaging in battle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Helpful hints for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will teach you about the world, prepare you for life in the new world of Paldea, and lead you to encounters with rare and powerful Pokemon. Understanding Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with hints and advice can help you adjust to the new world ahead, since the games' new mechanics allow players to complete tasks in any sequence.

1. The farther north you go, the riskier the region becomes​

While the basic concept is easy you grasp, the game quickly gets challenging as you go northward in Paldea and encounter more powerful wild Pokemon and even more powerful Trainers. As you make your way up the island from the southern tip, where conditions are simplest, the difficulty level will increase. Learn the future and assess your preparedness using this. At the most remote mountain peaks and beachfronts, you'll face up against wild Pokemon who are already level 50 or higher and Trainers who are much more formidable. However, different regions have different dominant kinds, so our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet type chart may come in handy.

2. Focus on the Titans first if you want to get access to more abilities​

Once the Naranja Academy Treasure Hunt starts, players have the freedom to travel anywhere they choose and select from three different quests: the Path of Legends, where they battle Titan Pokemon; Victory Road, where they battle the gym leaders; and Starfall Street, where they battle members of Team Star. You should accomplish them all, but if you have to prioritise, head to the Path of Legends to battle Titan Pokemon with Arven, as detailed in our advice on what to do first in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. When you defeat them, Koraidon and Miraidon get additional abilities, such as greater jumping height, gliding, river crossing, and wall climbing. The more Titan Pokemon you defeat, the simpler it will be to travel about the map; for a complete rundown of the abilities and details on how to get them, check out our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet abilities page for Koraidon and Miraidon.

3. For a free attack, hit wild Pokemon in their backs​

To engage a wild Pokemon in battle, press B to sneak up behind it undetected, and then hurl a Pokeball at its back. When the battle begins, the Pokemon will be caught off guard, giving you a significant advantage. There's no harm in trying to catch wild Pokemon by surprise.

4. Terastallizing should only be used on gym leaders and bosses​

Changing a Pokemon's type to its Tera Type (which you may verify in the description) and boosting the strength of attacks that match that Tera Type is the new power-up you can offer your Pokemon. When you Terastallize a Wooper with the Electric Tera Type, for instance, its other kinds are replaced with Electric, and their electric attacks become much more powerful.

Considering that Terastallizing entails replacing one's shortcomings and talents with another, it's important to use caution while deciding whether or not to engage in this practise. You can only use your Tera Orb to Terastallize Pokemon once before it loses its power. Because it drains quickly and must be recharged at a Pokemon Center, its use should be reserved for very difficult challenges and formidable foes. To help you better understand this new mechanism, we've compiled a comprehensive introduction to the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tera kinds and Terastallizing.

5.You should fight trainers even if you don't have to​

Trainers will no longer challenge you unless you actively seek them out in order to do so. You should do this rather often, however, since it's your greatest bet for gaining currency—something you won't receive by battling wild Pokemon. Fighting Mother Nature is a certain way to find yourself short of cash the next time you need to stock up on Pokeballs and potions for your Pokémon adventure.

6. Gym leaders, Titans and the Star Team may all be battled in any order​

Gym leaders and other bosses in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet may be faced in any sequence you choose, but it doesn't make them any easier or harder than any others. It doesn't matter how high or low your character's level is, the difficulty of the adversaries remains constant at the same high level. You may learn more about each boss, including their relative difficulty and the best sequence in which to face them, by clicking on their symbol on the map. We also have a comprehensive list of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gym leaders in escalating order of difficulty, along with weaknesses!

Check out the 5 best Pokemon to use against Professor Turo in Pokemon Violet if you're struggling to defeat him.

7. In order to use powerful Pokemon, you need badges​

You can easily access higher-level locations and even capture level 50 strong Pokemon, but without the gym badges you earn by defeating gym leaders, they won't obey what you want them to do. If you capture and train low-level Pokemon, they will obey your commands regardless of how many badges you have. However, if you catch and train high-level Pokemon, they will disobey your instructions until you have a sufficient number of badges.

Additionally, the number of badges you have rather than the strength of the gyms you've defeated determines the quality of Pokemon you may capture and manage. You can only use Pokemon captured below level 25 if you only have one badge, regardless of the order in which you defeat the gyms. In order to fix that, you need to go back and win against the simpler opponents.

8. Always use your Pokemon in Let's Go and Autobattling​

In Let's Go mode, the player may have the first Pokemon in their party follow them about, grab objects, and engage in Autobattles against wild Pokemon in the area to gain experience for the player and their Pokemon team by pressing R. Be wary of who or what you throw your higher-level Pokemon up against, but it's a healthy habit to get into. Even in autobattle without your intervention, your Pokemon may incur damage so long as type advantage and level are considered. Verify if they are up to the challenge before sending them out.

9. Temporary benefits can be found in Picnics and Sandwiches​

Even bad sandwiches like the one seen above may be utilised as a source of power-ups in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, with various types of food providing experience, increased stats in combat, and even a higher chance of running across a shiny Pokemon. Sandwiches may be created at any time by bringing the necessary supplies on a Picnic, or purchased from street sellers in cities. While adventuring, keep an eye out for NPC picnickers; they may be willing to share their food with you in exchange for a favour.

10. Tera Raids include rare Pokemon and plenty of loot​

Tera Raids are gigantic crystals marked by beams of light, and they are where you and up to three other players (either real or AI) take on a strong Terastallized Pokemon of the uncommon Tera type. Winning these gives you access to one of the finest tunes in the game's soundtrack, as well as the opportunity to catch that Pokemon, Tera Shards (used to modify your own Pokemon's Tera Types after beating Gym Leader Larry), and other goodies. When feasible, engage in battle against Tera Raids; doing so will fortify your character. In Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet coop, your odds improve if you join up with a buddy or a random group of players.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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