10 Tips for League of Legends Wild Rift Beginners


Riot Games' League of Legends Wild Rift has dominated the mobile MOBA scene. When you're just getting started, there's just one thing to do: climb the ladder. Knowing how to play the game like an expert can help you get to the top and avoid falling (and staying) in bronze.

Despite the fact that League of Legends: Wild Rift is identical to Riot Games' PC version of the game, League of Legends, there are several fundamental talents that everyone should be familiar with. Running down the lane erratically is a certain way to end yourself at the bottom of the rankings. Professional players employ a variety of strategies that any newcomer should be aware of.

1. Try out all champions​

Experimentation is important, but ascending the ladder necessitates being at ease in your niche and championing it. Make sure you choose a lane that you have the most familiarity with before entering ranked mode. Choose a champion with whom you can destroy, whether it's storming through a top lane with Garen or pioneering through jungle camps with Lee Sin.

Knowing when abilities are off cooldown, their hitboxes, and other constraints might help you win lane if you truly understand your champion.

2. Understand your champion's stats​

Each of the League of Legends: Wild Rift Champions has a unique scaling trait that they use to do damage: Knowing which one your character utilises will help you figure out what stuff to acquire as the game progresses.

For example, Attack Damage items are especially beneficial to the ranged Champion Ashe. In this case, a good Infinity Edge or Blood Thirster, both of which improve your champion's Attack Damage, will go well with Ashe's long-ranged strikes. Is it possible that your champion relies on HP stacking?

3. Play the Middle Lane or Jungle role​

The middle lane and Jungle roles are often regarded as the most carry and table-turning roles. If one of these players accumulates gold through kills, his or her team has a good chance of winning the game. Mid can go down the river to the top and bottom lanes for gank opportunities, and the jungler has ample roaming capability to pounce on any other lane.

Playing these characters will not only teach you a new mechanic, but it will also help you become more comfortable with the terrain and game tempo, allowing you to plan future ganks.

4. Experiment with different item builds​

If you're getting annihilated by an enemy Jhin, you might want to consider stacking some more armour. New players frequently find themselves in situations like these, where their item builds will shift significantly as the game progresses.

Knowing when to switch up your item build to aid with the flow of the game; whether it's by adding more Magic Resist or increasing your attack damage, you should always be ready to change up your item build based on how the opponent team is scaling.

5. Learn about the map​

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a mobile version of Riot Games' worldwide successful MOBA. Both novice and experienced summoners should get highly familiar with the map's top, bottom, centre, and jungle sections. Each of the 61 champions in Wild Rift has their own mechanics on Summoner's Rift, so be sure you know how your chosen champion works on the map.

Lee Sin, for example, may run past barriers by using his Sonic Wave ability on a jungle minion a second time, giving anyone an option to rapidly begin or escape a tricky position. Also, get to know the jungle camps and potential bottlenecks marked on the map. On the map, stay away from gank-heavy chokepoints.

6. Hit every minion last​

Beginners to the MOBA genre may be unfamiliar with the concept of managing a modest gold economy for their character in every game. For new summoners, the greatest approach to build up in-game gold is to make sure you're creating money via last-hitting minions.

You may harvest gold by timing your character's auto-attack animation or talents to land a last-hit on a minion. Pro players usually hold off on auto-attacking minions until they have as little HP as possible. Then a well-placed auto or skill will undoubtedly enough.

7. Keep track of your objectives​

Turrets. Barron. Dragon. The same in-game artefacts appear in League of Legends: Wild Rift as they do in standard Summoner's Rift, so timing your objectives during each game will help your team inch closer to victory. You'll need to be aware of jungle camp times as a jungler. Keeping track of your jungle timings after your initial jungle clear can aid you in navigating your next clear as well as prioritising lane ganks.

In lanes, the same level of objective awareness is required. Knowing when to engage in combat, both inside and outside of turrets; knowing when to move up the river from the bottom lane in an effort to aid on a dragon kill — keeping track of in-game objectives can help you win.

8. Communicate with your teammates​

One of the finest methods to win any game of League of Legends: Wild Rift is to communicate with your teammates. In-game pings are placed in the top-right corner of the screen; use them as needed! If your lane opponent isn't there, make sure you use the exclamation point ping to ping them.

This notifies the rest of your team to the possibility of a gank. When it comes to starting team battles, communication is crucial. In team fights, telling your squad which opponent to start attacking might assist you gain an advantage by arranging who your primary targets are.

9. Being aware is essential​

In League of Legends: Wild Rift, awareness is essential for survival. Knowing (and even predicting) where your opponents are hidden on the map is key to having high awareness in your game. When pushing in the middle lane with no lane opponent in sight, for example, you should think again about your location.

Who knows, maybe a gank is on the way? Perhaps the enemy jungler is lurking in the woods, waiting to pounce. Warding correctly also improves your map awareness by providing you with more vision.

10. Practice makes perfect​

The old adage still holds true: practise makes perfect. As a result, playing League of Legends games again and over will help any player improve. Were you ganked in the middle of the lane owing to inadequate ward placement? Or perhaps you were defeated in a top-lane 2v1?

Repetition is the only way to learn from your mistakes. Pro players are known for playing League of Legends Wild Rift for long periods of time. Even if this isn't ideal for individuals with a job or school, it's still important to practise and improve your game!

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