1. Any clicker with sync between steam and android??

    Hi there! I'm looking for a clicker that I can play both on my phone and my pc. There are some of them that could be played with one account in each side, but I'd like to continue my savefile in both devices. Do you know any??
  2. GikUgik

    How to Install Call Of Duty Mobile On IOS and Android

    English ( Hello, Give me a permission to tell how to install Call of duty mobile in your lovely Smartphone its). ..............................................::...................... 1. Go to app store and click your profile and click Change country 2. Change your country to Canada 3. Follow...
  3. Aurora Legend’s Music Festival Event is coming

    Aurora Legend’s Music Festival Event is coming

    Aurora Legend’s Facebook account presented the exclusive MMD video for new hero Muse. Check out the MMD video here: Aurora Legend’s also announcing the launch of the latest in-game event—Aurora Legend Music Festival. Two new heroes would be available to recruit in the tavern: Muse (VA: Yui...
  4. Carbon

    Dr. Mario World releases July 10 worldwide on iOS and Android
  5. Pokemon launches mobile game 'Rumble Rush'

    Pokemon launches mobile game 'Rumble Rush'

    Pokemon is rolling out a new game for mobile. Pokemon Rumble Rush, the latest in the Pokemon Rumble series, launched in Australia for Android on Monday. According to the game's site, it's only available in Australia at the minute but we'll start seeing it roll out globally and also on iOS soon...
  6. Barida

    What is your favorite Android game?

    Most of us make use of Android devices and playing games on it can be one of the exciting ways to pass time when we are less busy. Candy crush Saga Breaking remains the best Android game that I have played so far. What is yours?