Why Dedicated Console Gamers Will Never Warm to Mobile Gaming


When it comes to assessing the variety of gaming communities out there, it has been impossible to ignore the rise of mobile gamers, particularly in recent times. Mobile gaming has clearly progressed a great deal since the days of Snake on chunky Nokia devices that resembled bricks, but it will never suffice for some diehard console gamers.

For console gamers, the gaming opportunities are endless. Although many PlayStation 5 users might occasionally dabble in the odd mobile release, there is a general consensus that gaming on a miniature handheld device will simply never cut it. Here’s why below.

The smaller screen is an annoyance​

Although it’s remarkable that many console-quality games are now making the transition over to the mobile category of gaming, it doesn’t always mean that it’s done successfully. Yes, smartphones possess a great deal of power which has resulted in this growing trend, but if the gaming experience on a smartphone device isn’t the same as a console machine, then what’s the point? For many, the smaller screen size hinders a mobile gaming experience. Characters are smaller, which can result in a constant strain on the eyes, the resolution of many smartphone screens simply doesn’t appeal, and you’re presented with what feels like a partial view of a specific game. Of course, people can purchase gaming smartphones, but the issue won’t necessarily be rectified, and a console machine can be purchased for less.

Poor touchscreen controls​

Alongside the smaller screen comes the poor touchscreen controls that ruin so many leading mobile titles. While it perhaps doesn’t matter if you’re diving into a fair gaming online casino and playing fairly simple puzzle releases, in order to enjoy console-quality titles to their maximum potential, you need to be able to master the controls. Most touchscreen controls essentially lead to a poor mobile gaming experience, be it because they’re unresponsive or painfully small to touch in the heat of battle. Many mobile gamers do purchase joysticks, controllers, and other accessories that can be connected to a smartphone device, but they’re not always worth the investment.

The graphics will never suffice​


Smartphones have certainly progressed a great deal in terms of their all-round power and sophistication, providing a more detailed selection of games in the process. Games such as Genshin Impact provide a solid enough visual experience on a mobile phone device, but it is nothing compared to what the console version of the game offers. While standards should be lowered when it comes to graphics on a modern-day mobile phone, why would you settle for less when there are beautifully clean visuals on offer through a console machine? In truth, smartphones will always fall behind console machines in this respect, purely because console gaming will always be one or two steps ahead. One look at the graphics on a typical PS5 game compared to a leading mobile title, such as PUBG Mobile, will tell you that.

The games aren’t always free​

Many of the leading mobile games claim to be completely free. Despite this being enticing for many smartphone users, there is a growing trend of sneaky in-app purchases being added to games at crucial times. If a player doesn’t make a purchase, then they’re typically going to struggle in a specific release. For many mobile games that claim to provide an entertaining gaming experience for nothing, it isn’t always the case. Players can enjoy a particular mobile gaming product and progress through the levels, before being met with prompts stating that a purchase is required to advance. Put simply, many mobile games just feel like cash grabs as a result.
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