Top 6 Combat Games On iOS and Android


During the years, playing combat games on mobile devices has evolved into more than a simple pastime. With their improved visuals, streamlined controls, and expanded gameplay, you can now have a more engaging and exciting experience wherever or whenever the want to battle arises. These games are a fun and effective method to keep your competitive spirit alive and your heart rate up.

Figuring out which of the many fighting games available on mobile devices are worth playing may be quite difficult. To assist you, we have compiled a list of the top Android and iOS fighting games that will keep both novices and experts interested for hours.

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1. Smash Legends​

Smash Legends is a fighting game with 2D animations that brilliantly underline its fairy tale concept, providing a magical but action-packed experience. It offers both single-player and multiplayer game modes, allowing you to participate in combat with friends or against random opponents. Depending on the selected game option, victory is achieved by escorting objectives to the opponent's base, taking a disputed territory, or being the only survivor.

You may pick from a variety of characters based on your favourite fairy tale films, folklore, and literature, each having distinctive combat skills that set them apart from the others. Personalize your characters, raise their levels, and unleash their full potential to become the blockbuster legend of fairytale land.

2. Boxing Star​

If you are a lover of both sports and violence, you should enter the perilous world of boxing and confront a plethora of merciless and ambitious opponents who are equally motivated to become world-class fighters. You will be playing as a low-tier boxer in this best Android game, so punch your way from underground fight clubs to higher-tier leagues and build a reputation for yourself in the profession.

You will be able to earn better combat gear, accumulate skill points, and train your boxer to fit your fighting style as you continue through the game. Win as many fights as possible to realise your ambition of becoming a boxing superstar.

3. Swipe Fight!​

The finest fighting games do not necessarily need to be action-packed or feature a compelling plot. Swipe Battle! is one of those games that is more pleasant when it requires less time and effort to begin playing. It performs an excellent job of reducing complexity while still providing incredibly engaging gameplay.

As the title indicates, you can defeat your opponents with a simple swipe of your finger over the screen. Use eight distinct swipe combinations to outsmart your opponents and gain new places and prizes along the way. Swipe Fight! is meant to be easy to pick up and play, making it suitable to individuals who just want to enjoy a simple, fast-paced, and entertaining combat experience.

4. The King of Fighters Allstar​

The King of Fighters Allstar reintroduces classic fighting game mechanics with a contemporary twist for a revitalising experience. It has a fast-paced fighting system, yet the controls are simple, making it easy to complete combos and special techniques. Create a team of up to three combatants and swap between them as necessary throughout fights.

You will compete in a tournament against the finest fighters in the world. Even genre giants like as Jin Kazama from Tekken and Ryu from Street Fighter make an appearance. Everyone who qualifies is invited, so show your worthiness by fighting your way to the top of the competition. The game may be played in narrative mode, real-time matches, or cooperatively with other players.

5. Skullgirls: Fighting RPG​

Skullgirls: Fighting RPG is a great iOS fighting game for those who are new to the genre. You will learn how to fight like a pro and how to beat one in-game. From blocking your opponents' strikes to carefully executing special techniques at the optimal moment, you must be adept in a variety of skills. After a few sessions, you will be able to master your play style and overcome the game's various obstacles. Construct your perfect squad and battle Skullgirl before she ruins New Meridian's streets.

In addition to its delightful battle system, what makes Skullgirls: Combat RPG really stand out is its unusual 2D graphic style that brings the characters to life. The distinctive character designs enable their individual personalities to flourish, particularly while they are in motion. Skullgirls is one of the most pleasant and aesthetically rewarding games on the platform due to its blend of attractive animations and a fascinating storyline.

6. Marvel Contest of Champions​

The mobile version of Marvel Contest of Champions offers a triple-A gaming experience. The game has a vast list of characters from which to pick, providing spectacular comic book video game action. Whether you are a fan of the popular title or just appreciate fighting games, there are a variety of fascinating game types to keep you occupied.

Fight some of the most nasty and brutal supervillains in the Marvel world and test your mettle as the universe's toughest superhero. Create an unstoppable power force by combining the unique talents of an elite squad of champions.
Best Combat games for Android and iOS:-
1. Thumb Fighter
2. Smash Legends
3. Marvel Contest of Champions
4. Boxing Star
5. The King of Fighters Allstar
6. Skullgirls: Fighting RPG

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