Top 10 MMORPGs on iOS and Android


When it comes to amazing MMORPGs for mobile players, anything from EVE Echoes to RuneScape is available.

MMORPGs have always been associated with PC gaming. Many famous MMOs, such as Final Fantasy 14 and Warframe, have recently extended onto the console market. Some have even made a fortune in this hitherto untapped industry. The mobile sector, which most large brands in online gaming have yet to enter, is the ultimate frontier for MMORPGs.

Mobile phones are designed for social interactions and are unsuited for anything else than low-stakes gaming. As a result, they should be a natural match for the MMORPG model. However, selecting the best mobile MMO for one's requirements is not as easy as it seems. The market is clearly more popular than it used to be, but not to the extent that one or two games, such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14 among PC MMOs, completely dominate the genre.

1. Black Desert Mobile​

Black Desert Mobile is a portable version of Black Desert Online that users may take with them at all times. In reality, the two games are totally separate, with no cross-play, trade, or character transfers between them. The mobile version isn't as well-known as the PC and console versions, but it's well-liked in its niche: autoplay MMOs.

The fact that Black Desert Online was a unique action-based MMO was what first drew people to it. It's odd, therefore, that one of the most popular autoplay mobile MMORPGs is Black Desert Mobile. These are games where the user can automate the majority of the fighting, yet they may choose to switch to manual during PvP bouts.

2. Sword Art Online: Integral Factor​

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is based on the anime series of the same name. Though it is not the only game based on Sword Art Online, it is the most popular mobile game. The anime series is based on a fictitious MMO: given the series' popularity, a genuine Sword Art Online MMORPG seemed unavoidable.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factoris is continually being updated to include new events and regions. Even the foundation of the game has altered drastically since its introduction in 2017. The visuals have been updated, and new mechanics have been included. This is great news for new gamers, who can look forward to a plethora of previously untapped stuff.

3. Rucoy Online​

Rucoy Online is a delightfully basic small game that nonetheless covers all of the essentials for an MMORPG. The fantasy theme and chunky pixel visuals don't do much to set it apart from other mobile titles, but it may be the only one of its sort among MMOs.

Rucoy Online doesn't exactly reinvent the MMO wheel, but it didn't have to in order to attract a following. For one thing, the community appreciates the game's approach to balancing free and paid aspects. Rucoy Online also offers several unique aspects, such as the ability to freely switch between classes and some intricate methods of boosting XP.

4. EVE Echoes​

EVE Echoes began as a iOS and Android games spin-off of the space sim MMO EVE Online, but for many players, it has exceeded it. Unlike the original EVE, this smartphone game automates the repetitious acts that progress its participants' virtual lives. Mining, transportation, and even warfare are all available with a few touches.

Aside from the streamlined gameplay, both EVE games replicate a living universe with rich emergent economic and political systems. Nonetheless, EVE Echoes provides no contact with its larger brother's users, which means no cross-play, no community linking the two, and no motivation to transfer from one game to the other.

5. Albion Online​

Albion Online is a rare case in which the mobile version of a multiplatform videogame outperforms the others. And, unlike most other cross-play games, it can be played totally on mobile with little issues. It undoubtedly demands more commitment than other mobile MMOs: the missions are lengthy, the builds are difficult, and the social component is on par with PC MMORPGs.

The main problem with the game is the grinding: growth is slower, and PvP is glaringly unfair for those who are unwilling or unable to spend money on their character. Though there are methods to get silver, the game's most significant currency, without spending real money, doing so requires adjusting to a system that most players will find unappealing.

6. IdleOn​

IdleOn is unlike any other mobile MMO or MMO in general. The concept is deceptively simple: given the popularity of autoplay MMORPGs on smartphones, why not combine MMOs with idle games? A straightforward idea, but one that fails to emphasise the game's strengths and turns. Even the more basic components of the game, such as the designs of adversaries and characters, are as inventive and polished as they come.

Players in IdleOn handle many characters at the same time. While the acts of those characters are determined during play, the majority of them will be resolved when the player is not present. This passive accumulation of resources and experience is fundamental to idle games, and IdleOn is no different.

7. Adventure Quest 3D​

Adventure Quest 3D is one of the best mobile-only MMORPGs available today. It's a kind of sequel to the still-running Adventure Quest from 2008. Despite being indistinguishable from its predecessor, Adventure Quest 3D has a bit of the irreverent comedy of earlier flash games.

Adventure Quest 3D, like its web game predecessor, understands how to take use of a constrained platform. It has attractive but lightweight visuals, easy controls, and objectives tailored for quick play sessions. Even if the material isn't as numerous as it is elsewhere, most mobile gamers will be satisfied.

8. RuneScape​

Modern RuneScape is the result of a traditional MMORPG developing for almost 20 years. While it is not as well-known as World of Warcraft or Warframe, RuneScape is one of the most popular mobile MMOs. RuneScape, unlike other popular MMO ports, supports full cross-platform play.

RuneScape is a video game classic, but is it worth playing on mobile? Yes, but only if participants do not intend to play the whole game there. Because the two share the same persistent universe, the game is the same for PC gamers. This means no autoplay, simplified gameplay, or changes to dungeons or creatures.

9. Dofus Touch​

Dofus is a long-running PC MMORPG with a tactical edge that never quite caught on. Dofus has a cult following because to its cartoony aesthetics, innovative gameplay, and general casual tone. Dofus Touch is an entirely other tale. This mobile adaptation of an ancient PC version of Dofus still receives new updates, much like Old School RuneScape.

Dofus Touch is perhaps most known for its link to the free RPGWakfu. Although less well-known than its younger sibling, Wakfu is at the heart of a multimedia behemoth. Dofus Touch has been a haven for veteran fans of the game who were dissatisfied with the route the PC version went in recent years. This choice, like Old School RuneScape and World of WarcraftClassic, might be motivated by factors other than nostalgia.

10. Old School RuneScape​

Old School RuneScape, which is stuck (by choice) in a late 2000s version of the historic MMO, is presently more popular than its grown-up brother, at least on mobile. This version, like standard RuneScape, is better suited for grinding and easy tasks than high-level and intense locations.

Old School RuneScape may seem to be an odd choice for a new audience interested in mobile MMORPGs. The catch is that this isn't simply an older version of RuneScape, but an updated version of what made the original so successful in 2007. The inclusion of raids, the first of which was implemented in 2017, is one standout example amid a sea of quality-of-life adjustments.
I cannot enjoy MMORPGs anymore. I started with the first major MMORPG, Ultima Online, which was truly a one-of-a-kind experience. It had very few rules regarding PvP and such, so you were always at risk of being killed. This really gave an adrenaline rush to hunting and such. You were also freely lootable once you died. I just can't get my head around the new experiences where the PvP is heavily restricted and no items can be looted.

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