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Who's your favorite music artist?


I usually like boybands like backstreetboys,westlife i love to hear more the old lovesongs that the current what we have now...
How about you guys ?


I don't have a favourite artist as such. My favourite is NoCopyrightSounds and they release Dubstep Music. Their music is amazing to listen too, you can find them on YouTube.


I wouldn't say I have a favourite artist as I like so many people it's hard to pick just one but if I was to list off a few of my favourite artists I would have to say Barry Manilow, Alan Jackson, Luke Bryan, George Strait, Hunter Hayes, Five, Savage Garden and Nickelback. There are so many more that I love to listen to but to name them all would take me all day!


Maybe not everyone know them .. But in my own tasty .. I like Bebo Norman, J.R. Richards, Ari Hest, Sandhy Sondoro, etc. ^^


Like most, I don't have a singular favourite artist and I prefer music from just about all over the spectrum of musical genres, but my primary focus is metal, hard rock, classic rock and so on. I love bands such as Insomnium, Kataklysm, Blind Guardian, The Who, Demons and Wizards, Dead End Finland and many, many more.

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